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Do you guys have any thoughts on why oral magnesium seems to do nothing for my muscle spasms, but transdermal does? Is it an issue of absorption? Or of poor circulation? (I am totally sedentary right now.) My skin is turning into lizard skin from all of the mag that I’m needing (every hour) and showers are becoming increasingly painful. I would REALLY like to find a way to get oral mag to make a difference. Also, are there other brands of slow release mag besides jigsaw? Thank you!!!

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  1. I recently started m12 and i think that might be exacerbating the K loss.

  2. Also, I take adrenal cortex extract and that makes me waste K.

  3. How much unmethylated b are you taking in? All those greens have b's in them, too…. Some people can't process it.

  4. And progesterone makes me waste K and i just ovulated, so i just started dosing that.

  5. Also, just started 200mg of folate which can waste K.

  6. It sounds like you are speeding your system up and wasting electrolytes – similar to what happens if I take too much t3 thyroid med. You can't ever stop that leaking bucket without removing the trigger.

  7. Yes, it sounds like you are getting plenty of calcium through food. I think of it this way – magnesium makes things move and calcium slows things down (like concrete). I knew I needed to supp calcium because of my HTMA but i was scared because of something that happened to my mom. But even on mag, potassium and sodium I was getting leg cramps and when I took my calcium, (low dose) the cramping went right away. My mom has had kidney transplant and she has sooo many pills of all kinds of stuff to take everyday. One night she froze up and could not move. My dad had to drag her down the full flight of stairs to the hospital and we thought she was going to die. They found that she was in a "calcium coma" because she had taken too much calcium. She got better fast after adjusting her dose.

  8. I accidentally overmethylated my son (who is mthfr+) using zinc and boron. He needed more methyl b's to keep up with what was happening…probably detox. He was out of b6 and b12 – and was on a methyl b complex. I had to add more b6/b12.

  9. yeah, a tiny dose of ace drops makes me waste K… literally one drop. and i know i need the ACE because it stopped many of my low cortisol symptoms. I am very sensitive.

  10. About the milk cravings – it could mean that you need more calcium, but it could also mean that you need less because the kind of calcium in milk actually removes calcium from the bones.

  11. I have heard people say that Julie, but i'm not sure that i believe it. Are we talking raw milk too?

  12. The more sups/meds you list the more I start to think you still haven't gotten to the root and are still band-aiding it. Heck, I band-aid it all the time… But I did have to get off all but minerals/vits and thyroid meds because my band-aids (adrenal cortex, progesterone, dhea) were backfiring.

  13. TA, that is why i want to run that spectra cell panel, but it costs over $300… so I'm really trying to get it paid for.

  14. yes, i agree with you.

  15. What happens if you stop your progesterone or another hormone?

  16. i don't know… i would need to wean off for sure. I did get some added energy from the dhea, but i used it up.

  17. Progesterone was doing evil things to me using mag chloride: mag chloride can increase dhea which can level out progesterone/estrogen.

  18. In short – I tossed my dhea and progesterone (and iron, btw) and improved tremendously.

  19. i think the one of the worst mistakes that I've made was the iron transfusions that i did over the summer….

  20. okay, that is good to know, TA. I will definitely think about doing that.

  21. I've never done them. My doctor warned me not to unless as a last resort…

  22. My progesterone was converting to estrogen, I think.

  23. my iron was REALLY low.

  24. progesterone cream…

  25. Mine was still double digits….so she didn't panic. I think it's been the mag deficiency and copper/zinc issue for me.

  26. initially did you find the DHEA and progesterone helpful?

  27. Don't know about if raw milk makes a difference. Too bad you don't have your results back yet, will probably be weeks, huh?

  28. i REALLY really need a doc who will do house calls so that i can afford to monitor all of my levels. i haven't been able to find one, so i am self navigating and not testing things as often as i'd like.

  29. YES. In the beginning dhea and progesterone were great…but it all just slipped away. I didn't realize it had turned into something negative til I got hot flashes after being on mag chloride for a while and read how it can increase dhea…so I just tried stopping it and it worked. I felt so much better.

  30. my results for my blood work are posted above, Julie.

  31. FYI the iron pills gave me hot flashes within minutes. That's when I stopped the progesterone and dhea and iron.

  32. hmmm. i have a had a few nights of sweating in the last few weeks, but i don't know if that would be considered a hot flash… and it wasn't while on the Progesterone, i don't think. although, id need to check to make sure of that.

  33. I only took progesterone cream the second half of my cycle. Didn't matter….

  34. Zinc and boron helped regulate my hormones…I really needed them in addition to magnesium.

  35. Oh, I thought you just sent off your hair test. That's what you need to see about calcium.

  36. how did you figure out that your son needed more b's?

  37. oh, gotcha, Julie.

  38. I've gotta turn my lights off now. thank you guys for bouncing this around with me tonight!

  39. He was getting tired and then started having vision black-outs. Rather frightening. I took him off zinc and boron (all this started around the time I upped zinc and added boron)….didn't help. Then occurred to me to try methyl b12 sublingual…and he instantly felt better. Then gave him more b6/b12 the next day and it stopped happening and hasn't happened since.

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  41. Are you drinking half your weight in ounces of water every day with 1/4 tsp mineral salt in every four cups of water? This helps get the magnesium into the cells… Also adding borax and baking soda to Epsom salt baths helps to absorb magnesium. Maybe try a different kind of magnesium. Bisglycinate and malate.. Or ReMag.

  42. If you are having absorption issues you may need to heal your intestinal tract. This is where increasing probiotics like kefir and kombucha and cultured vegetables would really help. Donna Schwenk has a website with lots of super recipes and explains how these foods heal the gut.

  43. TA Carmichael Could you please talk about what form/brand of zinc that helped you? Just got my Zn/Cu panel done and I'm low in both. Will be talking to Morley on Friday though. But I thought I'd ask.

  44. Nothing special, Lisa. I started with a 10 mg – it may have been Jarrow. Then went to a 15 mg zinc – by Seeking Health. Now I use Jarrow Zinc Balance which is 15 mg zinc, 1 mg copper.

    Note, I couldn't take copper the first time I tried. I had to stay on the 15 mg for 3+ months, tried the Zinc balance and it made me ill…then started noticing after adding boron that I needed something…and tried again…and I could take the zinc balance. I evidently had lots of unbound copper and the boron sopped it up.

  45. Mag a HOL. I put it on multiple times a day. I never get burning or irritation

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