Oregano oil or oil of oregano hype or any validity to it?


Oregano oil or oil of oregano hype or any validity to it? I’m only asking this group because you guys seem to be so smart when it comes to legitimate natural healing.
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  1. It is a proven antibiotic. Kills bacteria but will not raise the dead. Not much hype, just fact.

  2. Yes, oregano is antimicrobial and kills everything in its path, good and bad. It is very caustic and essential oil of oregano should not be used internally. Dilute and apply to soles of the feet instead.

  3. Yeah will go into my prepper medical bag!

  4. Oops I drank some earlier, but I will put it on my feet cause it burned my mouth lol

  5. Hi Cindy, I use it regularly for 3 reasons. I have a niggling partially emerged wisdom tooth that gets occasionally inflamed and I rub on oregano oil (carried in olive oil) for 48 hours and it is sorted. Also I am prone to pneumonias, now when I feel the beginning of an infection I rub the oil on my chest, lymphnodes (behind ears) I have avoided antibiotics several times now. If i get a candida flare-up in my mouth, use it as a mouth wash (diluted in spring water). It Is antimicrobial so if you ingest it you should take probiotics. My 19 year old son uses it when his wisdom tooth is pushing through. It's amazing stuff x

  6. I love the stuff for my gut problems and it cleared up a nasty sinus infection I got last year.

  7. I'm a huge fan of essential oils. Recently introduced to a brand called Plant Therapy. Much cheaper than the other brands I have been using, free shipping. From the research I've done seems to be a quality product.

  8. That stuff is potent… At least the true, wild oregano oil is. I ordered some straight from Greece recently and almost scalded my mouth just taking a sip of just 3 drops diluted in a cup of orange juice!!! So use caution, and dilute the heck out of it. I have a friend that practically cured her shingles with it, though.

  9. Strongest eo I have encountered.

  10. It quickly rid me of fingernail fungus.

  11. I take it when feeling ill and yep better. It's great oil. You just have to make sure it's pure. Thyme is great clary sage is great. Basil. Again needs to be pure depends on the brand. I'm s huge EO USER

  12. its awesome and i use it for many things

  13. Someone recommended this oil for one of my dogs with renal failure who gets constant UTIs but after reading all of this it sounds a little too risky to me for a small dog. 🙁

  14. How effective is taking oregano capsules as compared to Manuka honey, for a cold?

  15. So does oregano oil wipe out gut bacteria too?

  16. Love it. Totally works

  17. There are appropriate uses for essential oils internally. Topical use will, for example, do little or nothing for SIBO, but oregano essential oil is one of the natural antimicrobials recommended by nationally recognized experts on SIBO. It also works in tandem with melaleuca to lyse bacteria. Aromatic and topical use are effective for many many applications, though, and some EO's must not be used internally (notably wintergreen).

  18. I bought the pills..after reading so many positive reviews to try it out on..me..I still have it here next to me..and as usual..I'm paranoid..when trying ANYTHING NEW…so I have to build up courage to pop my first pill…it takes time with me…I'm terrified of pills and trying something new our bodies are so weird and they all react diff to things…the first time with anything is a unknown..

  19. I've been sick, along with my son, and we are both taking oil of oregano caplets internally, and using essential oil of oregano (diluted) on our feet/chest/lymph nodes – behind ears and lower chin line. Seeing great results! (Son is recovering more quickly, I think it's because he attacked it immediately…my cold had taken hold).

    QUESTION: Do we want to be taking Probiotics (during) or (AFTER) the oil of oregano course?

    I guess I don't really understand the role of probiotics.

  20. It is beneficial to take probiotics every day!

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