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I had a thought. Since I can’t seem to get my mineral levels up no matter how faithful I am at taking in copious amounts of high quality minerals, could it be that I have parasites sharing my “goods”? If so, is there a natural way to rid myself of them? Would Oregano oil and/or a very potent colloidal silver do the trick?

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  1. Kristy you can do a "push testing" under care of a practitioner. The urine will tell levels of metals.

  2. If you think you have parasites, you can take Paranil.

  3. They make lots of herbal parasite cleanses

  4. I say it over and over like a broken record….if you don't get your detox pathways in order and detox regularly, you ate throwing your money away.
    We must chelate and antiparasitic/antibacterial/antfungal/antiyeast off ten and rotate methods frequently.

  5. Ammi Y'srael link to details please? I am interested in more info.

  6. Oil of oregano is an anti parasitic. And anti fungal, anti microbial

  7. http://www.thecandidadiet.com/oreganooil.htm
    Anti Fungal, possibly, Anti Parasitic, not…

  8. Look into Andrew Cutler 's "counting method" for heavy metals. You would be able to use your current TEI htma for counting. Sheena Ell is a good source.

  9. Holly, there is actually at least one published study showing that oregano oil is effective against certain parasites. Maybe not all of them but certainly some of them. If anyone is interested I will look it up and post the link. Please be careful about misinformation.

  10. I've had wonderful experience with Diatomaceous Earth. I began at a ridiculously small dose, but even from that dose found wonderful lift of my brain fog and relief from my joint pain. There are ups and downs, but my reaction tells me, without a doubt, I must have parasitic activity to work on!!!

  11. I am halfway through a 3-week parasite cleanse described on Hulda Clark web site. If you follow a protocol, it helps prevent any sick feelings you might otherwise have. The main reason I am doing it is because I want to do a gallbladder/liver cleanse and her site recommended doing the parasite cleanse and kidney cleanse first to have smoother sailing through the G/L cleanse.

  12. Lita Rodgers Wallace awesome. Could you post some information/links…sounds like something I woukd really be interested in and know many that coukd benefit.

  13. Been that route, too Lita Rodgers Wallace. Just completed my first liver/gb flush a few weeks ago.
    I agree with the theory that the detox pathways must be open and functioning correctly or no amount of meds, supplements, minerals are gonna help.
    Best wishes to all.

  14. Concur, any underlying condition could have impact on outcomes. It gets confounding for some who aren't aware of potential road blocks when any regime is begun and doesn't work. It's unfortunate.

  15. Ammi Y'srael this is the one I am following, doing the parasite cleanse and kidney cleanse now. It cost me about $100 to get everything. The liver/gallbladder cleanse won't cost much. I am fortunate to have a health food store nearby with bulk herbs that I needed.

  16. Follow diet no sugar or flour and gb3. I have seen parasites! Low carbs

  17. Have you been tested for the MTHFR gene mutation? You sound like you have same issue as myself. 20 percent of population has this mutation, it stops your body from absorbing many nutrients. Worth getting tested.

  18. Total body pH will impact on your ability to pick up and as assimilate minerals massively. Get your digestive system working (it obviously isnt), sit back and let the body do its magic 🙂

  19. pH is huge towards homeostasis.

  20. Jennifer Miller Cohen, can the DE be bought locally where A person lives or does have to be ordered online?

  21. What type of magnesium are you taking. Availability to the body is imperative. So many of the brands of magnesium are 7% absorbed and then may not end up in the cells if the proper trace minerals aren't also available. So, what are you actually taking?

  22. While I don't have feelings either way about the author, this reference (see below if you want) speaks to Mag in a psysiologically approach, as in the body. Different forms of Mag are absorbed in different ways, at different rates, that's a given. I don't know about any seven percent, as an absorption rate, rate is too relative individually to assign it a number.

  23. I would suggest Diatomaceous Earth as another poster has already done. There are additional health benefits from DE besides getting rid of parasites. Be sure to purchase food grade. It's very inexpensive.

  24. I am taking Magnesium Bicarbonate, Magnesium Glycinate, and Concentrace liquid minerals. I've tried many others forms of mag with the same results. No, I haven't take the MTHR test. So let's say I have the mutation and my body doesn't absorb many nutrients. Does that mean I'm doomed?

  25. I have read many places online that say Oregano oil is an anti-parasitic and just as many people say it's not . I honestly don't even know what to believe anymore. I'm almost ready to give up. Pow.

  26. Diatomaceous earth

  27. Why don't you do a test? Ann Louise Gittleman has attached a link that lets you do just that. It was a very informative article as well.

  28. Do you have low stomach acid? Have you explored the "leaky gut " concept? They both lead to malabsorption.

  29. Get tested for H Pylori!!!!!!!!

  30. Why not go directly to Ann Louise Gittleman? She is posting here on this blog. Ann Louise pioneered parasite awareness over 25 years ago in her ground breaking book “Guess What Came to Dinner.” She is the parasite guru when it comes to what to look for, what to take and what to avoid, to get rid of parasites. I just posted the link to her most recent blog that has the best information available for treating parasites.

  31. I second Ellie Johnston 's question on whether you may be dealing with leaky gut. That's something I'm working to correct for myself and I know I'm low on all sorts of nutrients that I should be getting from my food.

  32. I third Ellie Johnston q about leaky gut. Unfortunately when our bodies are not absorbing the copious quantiles of nutrients we are giving it requires some further detective work thru testing. I spent years taking nutrition supp's , doing saliva testing, and blood work, it kept revealing I was not absorbing. Finally went to a chronic illness doc who did comprehensive testing. I'm now working on leaky gut, Lyme disease and the Mthr gene of which I have 2 copies of c677t. All of these issues stopped me from absorbing the much needed nutrients, now I am on a lot of protocol to help balance and heal my gut so I can absorb nutrients . Best of luck to you on your journey.

  33. I have worked closely with Ann Louise Gittleman over the years to assess thousands of clients for parasites. She truly is a pioneer when it comes to treating people who are affected by these invaders! She recommends the Expanded GI Panel test, available through UNI KEY Health, which takes stool and saliva samples in order to detect pathogenic bacteria, yeast, fungi and candida; all types of parasites (microscopic, worms, etc), H. pylori, C. diff, leaky gut, pancreatic enzyme output, inflammatory markers, food sensitivities, and pH. This test is incredibly accurate and when paired with Ann Louise's advice, the results are stellar! I have many very happy clients who are finally on the road to recovery after gaining this indispensable knowledge.

  34. For me it turned out to be oxalates. Finally able to raise my levels a bit after cutting my oxalate-intake drastically . http://www.lowoxalate.info/

  35. H Pylori tried to kill me

  36. Thank you, everybody! Thank you, thank you! I'll try and get the money together for this test.

  37. Best of health to you @Kristy Love

  38. Fix your gut issues first and good nutritios food will do the rest.

  39. Ann Louise Gittleman – I ordered your GI test just now and I look very forward, with a hopeful heart, to some very helpful answers. thanks again!!

  40. Kristy Love – I will be delighted to help you any way I can. Our GI Panel can assess leaky gut, H. Pylori, food allergies, inflammation, yeast, bacteria, and parasites.

  41. Ann Louise Gittleman – how long does it take to get the GI panel test results back? I sent them in over a week ago. Thanks!

  42. 2 weeks approximately — 🙂

  43. Kristy Love : Your test is done. I pulled some strings on your behalf and the results are in. My office should be contacting you shortly.

  44. Admin post

    Please see the protocol of this group and the recommended testing which is supporting many members in the journey to core restoration




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