Original brand of Essiac tea is good for cancer?


Is it true only the original brand of Essiac tea is good for cancer? I want to get some for my mom but funds are so tight and the original formula is pricey.

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  1. Mountain rose specifically says one of the herbs are not medicinal quality which I found odd. I live them.

  2. bought mine at whole foods 17.00 and its the original formula

  3. sugest you look in chaga..a fungus that grows on birch tree..amazing results with cancer

  4. Thanks, it's this one of those treatments where taking more is better or one cup a day would be enough?

  5. Hanneke Thesame, I take green tea with lemon each morning after I do the oil pulling. Would you recommend a time during the day/should I drink on an empty stomach or does it not matter? I'll muscle test of course, but value your advice.

  6. cheers Judy, I'm looking forward to my 1st delivery and giving it a try with my dad and myself.

  7. thankyou Birdy local.. not too far.

  8. You can get it from herbalhealer.com… Wonderful site and products.

  9. eBay seller is wildcraftorganics (1469) who are in Southern Highlands, N.S.W. Made a mistake when I posted Northern N, S.W., sorry.

  10. Christina Havens on this Amazon link you can buy packets for $22.99 one of the best prices I have found ?

  11. Birdy NumNum is that where you are getting your tea from ? Morlife ? in Qld ( i am in Sydney )

  12. lol Hanneke, we are together on this party

  13. Have you checked eBay. I've ordered 15 days supply for about $9 including postage. The seller answered all the questions that Hanneke posted above and is posting from Northern NSW so I know it won't be radiated going through customs.

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