Our 4 yo daughter was just diagnosed with absence seizures.


Our 4 yo daughter was just diagnosed with absence seizures. We have not yet met with the neurologist (next week), but in the mean time, a pediatrician at our clinic started her on meds. We took her off those meds 2 days later. We’re just not comfortable with it and want to treat her naturally.

Basically, I’m a newb with the whole magnesium thing and feeling extremely overwhelmed with where to even begin. Any tips or advice? Types/brands of supplements we should start off with?

As a background, otherwise very healthy. She is gluten and milk free, as well as vaccine free. She takes Nordic Naturals DHA, but not regularly. We also currently are trying out Smarty Pants vitamins, but willing to switch.

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  1. My son had absence seizures at that age. I would never have felt comfortable taking him off the meds that quickly. He took them for five years. Then we weaned him off as we went years not seeing any seizure activity. Now at age 17 he's been diagnosed with epilepsy after suffering 2 seizures one night after work. This necessitated a 911 call and 2 ambulance rides in 1 night. Seizures are serious. I wouldn't personally be comfortable without seizure medication.

  2. Her pediatrician has cleared us taking her off the meds until we can speak with the neurologist and go over our options. We're not comfortable with the meds having a potential side effect of Lupus.

  3. Jen … My brother had a mixed seizure disorder starting at age 12, ranging from grand mal to absence seizures to drop seizures to petit mal seizures. He was placed on three different seizure meds. None of them controlled his seizures and he got worse from the side effects of the meds. We took him to a metabolic neurologist who diagnosed him with mitochondrial disease (seizures were one of the manifestations of the disease). He was hospitalized, then withdrawn from all of his seizure meds which were all "mito-toxic

  4. Yes, here are my tips……
    Magnesium as in Epsom salt baths, 1/2 tsp plain Milk of Magnesia a couple times a day, raw hulless pumpkin seeds and seaweed snacks.
    Bee pollen plus beef liver provide B vitamins and much more.
    Switch the DHA to cod liver oil, too.

    All processed foods out of the diet. Plenty of sleep, non-stimulating environment, outside play time in the sun and freshair. Things like fluorescent lights, cell phones, tablets, televisions should be minimized.

    Good luck, Mom, it can be done.

    Get the testing done recommended here.

  5. I would look into coconut oil.

  6. Mj Hampstead thank you so much for this. I have a relative who will benefit from this info!

  7. Check to see if she has sleep apnea caused by tonsils adenoids and or acid reflux. 70 percent of children with absent seizures are caused from sleep deprivation.

  8. I would see a biomed doctor or naturopath to urgently test hair mineral analysis status, this is the Pandora's box of answers. Also test for mitochondrial damage or dysfunction. And test for MTHFR gene variants.
    Magnesium will definitely help, it helps the body function properly on so many levels. Also consider swapping fish oil to hemp seed oil, it offers the same properties as fish oil compositions – without the risk of nasty contaminants such as radiation, mercury etc. CBD oil is another option of the hemp plant, great for seizures.

  9. My daughter was having absent seizure and had 3 major seizures within 6hrs. One at home, one in ambulance and one at admission to ER. EEG normal as no seizure activity at the time. Since being on Mag protocol has had nothing. If EEG showed anything I would medicate, but was normal at the time so happy to keep going on Mag. Gut feeling with Mummas is immeasurable! Xo

  10. High fats help also

  11. Prior to all of the meds being prescribed, 100 years ago doctors put children on ketogenic diets to control epileptic disorders and they were extremely successful. I don't know if it helps all seizure disorders but you may want to look into it. Ketogenic diet is very good for all kinds of neuro issues.

  12. Ketogenic diet and CBD oil have helped many people

  13. Jen Schmidt, If you are not familiar with The Charlie Foundation, you should look into it. Here is a link to a number of their success stories – From there, you can explore the rest of the site. I hope this helps. https://www.charliefoundation.org/who-we-are/who-2/read-keto-stories

  14. Jen – I hesitate to write, because you've gotten some amazing and well thought out answers, but I figured one more couldn't hurt: I sell a particular type of magnesium called 'magnesium chloride hexahydrate'. My cousin's grandson was diagnosed with Dravet's disease, a severe form of epilepsy. He had many seizures every day, and was constantly drooling and twitching, and they would have to change his shirts several times a day. I sent them some of the magnesium crystals. She said within a minute or two of putting him in the bath with it, the twitching and drooling stopped. They kept him on a daily protocol and he went from hundreds of seizures each day – to four months seizure free. I always knew it wasn't a magic bullet, and that there was something more needed, and I'm working on that. But in the meantime, when he does have a period of time when the seizures come back, it seems to be caused by having a fever or catching whatever is going around. But even then, he doesn't always have seizures. I've also read about the ketogenic diets – without yet trying the diet itself, it may be worth it to get the best coconut oil that you can find and build up slowly to three tablespoons a day. I would highly recommend Tropical Traditions. And no, I'm not an affiliate. I found Morley while researching epilepsy and magnesium; he had a video of a man who had cured himself of epilepsy with magnesium.

  15. Keto diet is on our radar. I have done it briefly in the past for myself and then reverted back after a few weeks (). It would be easier to stick to if the family was on it. My husband is on board with that!

  16. Mag, ketogenic diet, high CBD hemp oil (like CW Botanicals), and coconut are options for treatment to reduce or eliminate meds.
    However, every seizure a person has teaches the brain to have more seizures – ultimately making the seizure disorder harder to control. I highly recommend meds for immediate control while figuring out which natural things work to reduce our eliminate seizures. Otherwise, your child is at higher risk of developing intractable seizures, if they aren't intractable already. I'm saying this as a person with seizure disorder, a mother with 2 kids with seizure disorder, and a health care practitioner. Control is so important. I can't emphasize it enough. Losing control often leads to a permanent bump in med dose, and sometimes it leads to adding a second or third med for control. This cycle sometimes includes failing meds because they either don't work or side effects are unbearable.
    Good luck and I hope you find the right combo of remedies. It's definitely possible ️ People with seizure disorder can do *anything*. It can make academics a bit harder because info gets "deleted" (so HW extensions are good), but we can be as successful as anyone else 🙂

  17. Read about ketogenic diet for seizures.Sorry to hear about your news,you really need to be strong when it comes to natural treatment for seizures,doctors mostly favor drugs unfortunately.

  18. Absence seizures are diagnosed by the presence of a 3 hz pulse on EEG. Primary care types don't usually perform EEGs.

  19. Some years ago I read of several people on the old forums getting rid of seizures whilst doing SCD. http://www.pecanbread.com and http://www.breakingtheviciouscycle.info. If you try the diet, cut down on complex carbs gradually and then do the stages shown on the pecanbread site.

  20. I worked with a licensed Homeopath for my toddler. Naturalpath should be able to help too. (I took my 11 mo old off of them after she was discharged from the hospital). We were lucky and she never had another one again). Best of luck. Trust your mommy instinct.

  21. She is going to be in and out of hospitals – get her vaccinated, she is a threat to all the immune-compromised kids.

  22. Jen Herman Schmidt what are absence seizures? Can you physically see them?

  23. Yes. She stops what she is doing and stares right through you. She is not responsive to calling her name. Most of the time, she blinks and/or chews with her mouth. They are very quick (typically around 5 secs), and she recovers immediately. She does not fall if it happens while walking, sitting, etc. They are not painful. We initially thought she was just being spacey and daydreaming. We first noticed them about 3-4 mos. ago.

  24. https://bestofama.com/amas/3qseqb

    Check out this story of someone I know that benefited tremendously from a ketogenic diet for seizures.

  25. Look into the Keto diet. It was created as a way to control seizures. It has helped so many people.

  26. Cbd oil for seizures.

  27. Sorry if this has been mentioned… but my daughter started this after getting an mmr vaccine at 12'months… thankfully they stopped after seeing a naturopath (for something completely different!) but of course the paed swore black and blue the vaccines didn't do it…

  28. Sirry to hear of your recent news, and the journey ahead. There are ways to support your son naturally, and many of these are discussed in this group (which Morley is in, and where he has helped us many times) I would like to invite to join, as it may be of interest to you: http://www.facebook.com/groups/Dietsforepilepsy

  29. Check into geopathic stress, move her bed if she's sleeping on a cross. Look into turning off all cell phones, routers, wifi, etc., and read up on gemmotherapy remedies, d/n apply any hand sanitizers, hand/body creams unless natural. Think everything with this, clothing soap, bath soap/shampoo, vitamin/ mineral deficiency, check hormone imbalances, gut dysbiosis, pet allergies, dust mites, rug / mattress chemicals, sleep apnea, hidden MSG or other neurotoxins in food (see truthinlabeling.org), absolutely no TV, My son was dx with multiple neuro issues when younger, (starting at 4 months with nystagmus, then tourettes, neuropathic pains, migraines) they gave him neurontin (sp?) at age 3!! we never gave it to him, all of the above helped to heal him. The most recent (age 16 now) was constant migraines, I found he was sleeping on a geopathic stress cross line (where two lines intersect/Google a Youtube documentary about Geopathic Stress ) and had heavy EMF exposure from a cable company wifi right outside his window, (these interferences can affect the brain!) I bought a gauss meter to measure his immediate exposure & moved his bed, and purchased an EMF neutralizer and 24/7 migraines stopped almost immediately. Prayers for rapid resolution for your little one.

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