Our family is going to Disney World next week


Our family is going to Disney World next week (12/2-9). I’m 3 months into my gf journey and I’m afraid I’m going to starve there. Anyone have any guidance or sources that help with gf dining out is appreciated (Disney-specific is a bonus)? Thanks in advance.

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  1. All the hotels have gluten-free options. We ate the best there if you go on the Disney web site and google gluten free you will see many options.

  2. Just left and driving home as I text this. They are great with food allergies and have options. My 9 year old has Celiac

  3. I go on Saturday too ??? we will be fine this group has helped me loads I’m just looking forward to getting there now!! Xx

  4. When you check in ask for restuarants that can serve gluten free foods, with seperate kitchen and prep spaces. Disney takes pride in their work. I ate at the beauty and beast castle…service was fantastic, choice so many and even had desserts…im gluten and lactose intollerant along with several other food allergies.

  5. All disney restraunts have gluten free menu. Even the buffet has one, tell the waitress you are gluten free and the chef wil come out and show you what you can eat and even make some special items and deserts just for you

  6. Disney is one of the best with gluten free standards. Always ask to speak to a manger or chef. Also download the findmeglutenfree app on your phone.

  7. You will be fine. They are amazing for GF people. So much food. Look at the menus ahead of time and make reservations. The meal plan is wonderful

  8. Thanks. I heard they have a lot of gf. I have been careful about cc. This is good to hear.

  9. Disney is the only place I will go on. Acation and feel comfortable ordering. They take food allergies very seriously and I have not had a problem. Almost always they will send over a manager and they will fix your food in the back. You can eat almost anywhere and there are plenty of options. It’s the only place I go on vacation for a reason. I can eat almost anywhere my family can and eat things I never get to eat. They also have a Erin McKennas bakery which is totally GF at downtown Disney (Disney springs). There is a blog written who goes to Disney often and she has Celiac. She post about her food experiences so you may want to look at that. If you want restaurant suggestions feel free to ask

  10. Download the GF disney app

  11. It’s the best place in the world. If you’ve bought a dining plan have them flag you as gluten free. Every restaurant will help you and chef will come out. At quick places ask for manager. http://urbantastebud.com/how-to-eat-gluten-free-at-disney-world/

  12. I went to Disney two months after diagnosis with Celiac. They were wonderful! Every chef came out to talk to me. If I remember correctly, I googled gluten free at Disney and got a lot of information from that.

  13. Just don’t eat at Germany. That is s buffet. The rest of Disney World is great

  14. Cookes of Dublin in DS is awesome! The food court at POFQ was great too. They have GF beignets and Chef Jen is very helpful. We loved dinner at Ohana and dessert at Beaches and Cream. In the parks, BOG at MK had great GF options. One of my favorite meals was lunch at Mama Melrose in HS. It was amazing! Biergarten buffet was very accommodating. Stay away from Crystal Palace. We had lunch there. The chef was too busy to come speak to us. We had to take off of the food on the buffet line. We were later told that the rolls and mac and cheese on the buffet were GF. They weren’t. Then we were told they could make us food from the back but it would take over an hour. Needless to say my 18 month old and myself, who are both celiacs, were extremely sick after that lunch. In the parks/resorts, we only had 3 chefs come visit with us out of the 12 different places we ate. They were: Ohana dinner, Biergarten and POFQ. Boatwrights was horrible to us too.

  15. We are going for the first time Dec 6-13. I have heard nothing but great things and I am really looking forward to it! Have a great trip!🎉😊👑🌟

  16. I found it to be the most amazing experience! Every single restaurant will have the chef come and speak with you and go over menu options, write down an allergy alert for kitchen, and assist the server in ringing in order!! Also, Splitsville in Disney Springs had LOTS of options that were delicious!

  17. You’re going to have the best gluten free meals of your life in Disney!

  18. Very best breakfast ever is the princess breakfast. I had it at Disneyland. Call ahead to tell them you need gluten free. I got my own menu, my own waiter and the best food I’ve ever had. I kept asking, are you sure this is gluten free? Sooo good. It was pricey but I enjoyed it so much.

  19. Take food with you. I always take a small jar of peanut butter and rice cakes or something like celery to put it on. Trail mix if you’re not allergic to peanuts.

  20. Magic Kingdom, Pecos taco place right near splash mountain. They are VERY accommodating you just need to make sure you tell them you have a gluten allergy.

  21. I’m going there this afternoon for a couple days!! Can’t wait to hit up Erin Mckena’s gf bakery at some point!! I always feel comfortable eating there. Quick service can take awhile Bc they use a dedicated fryer/space so just keep that in mind. The rest of my party was like what is taking so long last time. I didn’t mind Bc I knew they were being cautious. Have fun!

  22. I was so pleased to find that Disney has the most options for gf and they know what to do. I felt secure eating there, did not get sick, and actually was thrilled with the options. have fun!

  23. I went back in March. We made our dinner reservations online and there is a section where you can put allergies. So I put gluten and they catered to me very well. You can always ask a cast member at the door if there food is gluten free or can cater to it. The fast food places don’t have too much gluten free options. But in all I was very please at how accommodating they were.

  24. Disney is awesome. Ask to speak to the chefs bc sometimes the waiters don’t really know so the best thing you can do is tell them that you are celiac and ask if a chef could come to the table.

  25. omg girl, they cater very well to gluten free and make it taste so yummy!

  26. I have been there twice since Celiac diagnosis, and there is no place safer to eat. In Magic Kingdom, Be Our Guest, is amazing. You can contact Disney ahead of time, and they will send you a list of every place that offers gf. You will have no problem at all. The chefs at resorts also will create something special for you as well. The French Quarter is wonderful.

  27. Great question! So are we and I would not have expected to have many options

  28. There’s a gluten free Disney Facebook page too. You might find it helpful.

  29. We just came back from Disney and they were amazing. Every restaurant has a gf/allergy menu. I wish restaurants by me were so accommodating.

  30. My daughter who has celiac has been to disney and said they are terrific about dietary needs. You tell them and they are so accomadating. They often have the chef come out and talk to you and are very aware of cross contamination. Have a great time.

  31. My friend goes down there and has celiacs and she said they are amazing down there with gluten free stuff. We are going next August. She said they have really good gluten free waffles.

  32. There’s a Disney app…its very helpful

  33. Disney restaurants are very accommodating!

  34. You will eat better than you have in your life at Disney world! Always let them know you have a food allergy as soon as you get to a restaurant and they will get a manager. Check out gluten free dairy free Disney Facebook page. If there is a food you are really missing, I bet you’d find a safe gf version at Disney.

  35. We stayed in a Disney resort.. when we ate at the resort or in Disney my husband was treated like a KING! This was 4 years ago.. I’d let your hotel know ahead of time but it will be the best GF food, my husband was given a personal chef who followed him from restaurant to restaurant

  36. I just came back from Disneyland and they were awesome! You will be fine!

  37. Someone posted about Disney either in this group or my other one about how accommodating it was.

  38. Just came back today 2 kids have it & loved everything they got

  39. Disney and food are amazing

  40. It sure is encouraging to hear these positive remarks about how accommodating Disney is for celiac’s.

  41. Disney is the most GF friendly place EVER! So accommodating and knowledgeable! And so is Orlando. You will love it! There’s a dedicated GF bakery at Disney Springs it’s amazing.

  42. Disney is possibly the most celiac/allergy friendly place on the planet… tons of choices.

  43. We need to go now! How cool

  44. Disney is the best gf and disneyworld is even better!

  45. I’ve heard Disney caters to those with food allergies.. enjoy your trip

  46. My daughter has eaten there with no problems. They are extremely understanding and accommodating. You’ll enjoy. Separate fryers and cooking areas in many restaurants.

  47. Disney is one of the best places for celiacs. Ask to speak to the chef at every restaurant you dine at. I had special meals and desserts made for me. It was indeed a magical experience.

  48. How did you make out on you Disney trip? I am going in July

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