Pathology came back and they diagnosed me with Choriocarcinoma


Pathology came back and they diagnosed me with Choriocarcinoma. They have me in to do a MRI and PET Scan tomorrow and want to start EMACO chemotherapy next week! I am very overwhelmed. I know chemo is not good! I have been doing so much health wise and I have a 1 year old. I just am at a loss at this moment.

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  1. After 20+ years studying this, for me, it is The Gerson Therapy, hands down.

  2. It is overwhelming, just take one day at a time. If your going to do the chemo keep your diet clean. Enjoy your baby. Happy heals. Stay positive your going to be around a long time. Cancer is not a death sentance. Get some cannabis oil.
    You got this ! !!

  3. Best sites to go to are, and There are so many books with healing protocols on amazon. My favorite is Bill Hendersons,, Cancer -Free Your Guide to Gentle, Non-toxic Healing. If you just read this before you do anything I think you will make the right decision. Hopr this helps.

  4. heres the best cancer supplement on the planet watch this video (Paw Paw from start to finish)iv followed this supplement for 10 years. My daughter had a GBM4 removed in april las week we was told the tumor is shrinking profusely.We hope in October the MRI will show its gone.Thats what paw paw cell reg usually does if ur interested let me know

  5. don't get discouraged. The wort cases are only the ones who try the real cures AFFER radiation or other conventional murdering protocols are used.
    (Proven: ionizating X-Rays are 10 times more dangerous than a chest x ray – or was it 10,000? sorry for my memory. you'll find it all at and all your healthy cells become many times more prong to become cancerous after each dose of those poisons.
    If you have piercings you should start there.
    Also, Hulda Clark books have a lot of info, and one of them is the foods that prevent the cancer cure (with explained reasons, not just vaguely prohibited) Basically animal proteins and Malonic acid you must avoid.

  6. Sorry I realised my post whilst correct was not within the guidelines of the group. I removed it. The admin wants to keep the group from going off topic and I can fully understand that. There are other groups for that like Anonymous Australia etc.

  7. Preach Brett!

  8. Thank you for sharing Brett!

  9. Now take into consideration this is from a registered nurse who has a way above average IQ, didactic memory (so sadly I can never forget what I see) and a strong moral compass… and I have educated myself and now have healthy friends who were told they were dying from cancer but ignored the doctors and used hemp oil etc instead. for me it's a no brainer. Let the stupid people ignore the real science and go with stories that are not even remotely scientific or if they are claimed to be scientific – are not valid. I hope I did not take over the conversation too far.. I am just passionate about what I know to be true and want to send as many people into researching this as possible.

  10. Now chemo… this stuff is not cheap. The chemo itself costs from $600 to $3000 a bag and you need lots of it often a few times a day. Then you need anti fungal infusions at $2500 a bag… and tablets and on and on and on… its a massive industry. If someone cured cancer big pharma would lose masses amounts of business and their share prices would collapse. The same goes for most medicine from psych to treating GORD… there is no money in a cure. This is why the AMA banned association with homeopaths because the natural therapists have always sought out cures not treatments that kind of relieve symptoms but make you a customer forever at any cost. And lets be honest… would you rather live your 6 months with cancer or die the most agonizing death with no quality of life much sooner ? It is so stupid now that woman are cutting off their breasts in fear of developing cancer. And this brings me to one final issue that may be a trigger for some…. the end game. If you are dying, we know that legal euthanasia is illegal but I bet not many of you realised we have been doing it for decades or longer. We get away with it by stating that the dose of morphine etc required to relieve unethical suffering would also possibly cause respiratory failure and death. We still give it and watch the patient die in peace. I have pushed that syringe myself twice now and I have no problem with it.

  11. Leukemia: this is treated in almost the exact way with a few additions. They may try to centrifuge off your cancerous white cells or they may try a bone marrow transplant. For those that do not know what this is.. this is the shortest summary. You get nuked with full body radiation just like being in the line of site from a nuclear bomb. All your bone marrow is instantly destroyed so your body can no longer make any red or white cells. But hey, the cancerous white cells are dead. Then they find a donor, take some of their bone marrow from a hip or thigh, and infuse it into you… it finds its way naturally into your bones, takes root, and starts producing new red and white cells. The problem is, very few people are a perfect genetic match and if you are only slightly off, the new white blood cells do not see your body as their own and start their job at destroying the foreign material which is now you. So you start to rapidly liquefy from the inside out. your soft tissues go first like your mucous membranes, your intestines and internal organs.. you are bleeding out of everywhere and the pain…. you are begging to be thrown into hell for relief. But they give you bags and bags of blood transfusions and keep you alive as long as they can but you die in the second week. the smell is horrible and unique. I can walk into a ward and in an instant recognise if there is a graft vs host person on the ward.

  12. So getting to the story. As a nurse I have treated cancer patients over decades before I was forced to leave due to my internal conflicts and moved to psych which is only slightly less morally wrong. People would come in with 6 months or so to live according to doctors, be offered and recommended chemo and radiation. Get their first treatments, lapse into a coma within days and be dead by the second weak. the number of times I have seen this is amazing. Or.. chemo goes on and on and on… no cure. Most people die from the chemo including my two family members. Also there is the pain issue. I was giving 70mg of IV or IM methadone to one girl who not only found no relief but the pain was so bad she literally screamed an screamed until she passed out.. woke and started again. When they give you chemo they also have to give you steroids to prevent your body from literally dying suddenly killing you. The steroids suppress the immune and endocrine system literally giving the cancer no resistance and in most cases sending you insane requiring anti-psychotics to go into the mix. And then we have cancers of the blood…

  13. Cancer is an autoimmune disorder not a disease itself. The immune system can become under active and fail to recognise cancer, or over active and cause autoimmune disorders like MS and Arthritis for example. Once upon a time medicine thought infection was needed for a wound to heal. Blood letting was important to strengthen people and near fatal doses of arsenic were given to cure people especially of sexually transmitted diseases. After the dark ages, homeopathy as well as all the natural treatments much suppressed still rained true however in 1900 the pharmaceutical industry was born. All the medical colleges at this time were homeopathic. By 1955 the American medical association which was the US doctor registration body, passed a law stating that if any doctor even associated with a homeopath, they would lose their license. Many doctors were also homeopaths, worked or were married to them etc. And the colleges which were slowly converting to this new pharmacology based medicine model were starting to out number homeopathy. Money the root of all evil clearly was to play. This also caused the medical journals to separate natural medicine (not alternative) from the ever growing big pharma and the ruling of the AMA so now all the supposedly medical journals only contained material based on the new medical paradigm and big pharma. The other stuff did not go away, it was just suppressed. Now… todays medicine which is really the new medicine still holds true to old beliefs esp that causing harm to an organism can effect a cure. Most chemotherapy is related to world war two mustard gas. this is why if you are a nurse and spill the stuff on you, it gives you terrible skin burns. Now remember we are putting this right into your veins which really hate it too… phlebitis always occurs. Now radiation therapy. Gama radiation is mostly used and it does not just appear in the cancer cells. Gamma radiation is really just another wave length of light so its a beam. When you are irritated the beam shines through you and literally drills a hole from one side of you to the other. The Radiotherapist will map out a plan for the machine so you will have a massive hole cut in you and all the tissue from one side of your body to the other, in the path of that beam will die as the radiation destroys the RNA and DNA of the cells. Naturopaths for years have known the truth.. the trick to cure cancer is not to poison a person or weaken their immune system further, it is to restore a healthy immune system… and there are ways in which plants and even homeopathy works which we do not understand properly other than good guess work.. but guess what.. this is most of modern medicine. They too have no idea and simply guess. Most of the things they say are just guesses and are not scientific just philosophical. Some things are science.. we know how to fix bones and repair tendons and so forth… remove an inflamed appendix and we have antibiotics which are at the end of their age now (we also have natural antibiotics) but ask a doctor to explain the science behind consciousness or your cancer, and he cannot tell you for sure.

  14. I am a registered nurse and have worked on general oncology and hematology oncology as well as Intensive care. I was brought to my knees by cancer sufferers. And add to that, my uncle and my grandfather suffered the same fate as I am about to tell you about.

  15. Give your immune system all the support you can juicing, aloe vera gel, fruit smoothies, B vitamin supliments

  16. remember cellphone antennas (rectangular) are being placed in the side of regular buildings!

    and move away from sprayed farms, cellphone towers, power lines, appartments close to the building's smart meters room (or where the power cables for the whole building enter).
    You will find many cancer cluster suspects in
    Every known cancer treatment are there, reviewed by a real renown doctor.
    Until you move away from the cancer focus, you won't get successfully cured.
    Also, Hulda Clark books (free PDF online) will teach you the many things in our homes that cause or prevent the cure of cancer.

    Good luck.!

  18. my prayers and thoughts for you….but now its time to get to work….lots of reading….research…..natural healing…!!!!….

  19. start juicing……carrots are number 1

  20. What's the tube to administer iodine protocol ?

  21. What stage?

  22. Breathe, meditate. Reduce stress in this moment. Then research what you can. Look up Bromelain and ask Dr if its ok for you.

  23. love and healing energy sent to you! prayers

  24. Dixie Miller Justice – report him!! tell this to the insurance company and the office manager if it isn't his own practice. What a scum bag

  25. There's a video on YouTube of a doctor who treats all external cancer with iodine and internal with baking sodaand before and after MRI. There's another who has before and after treating tumors with black salve. There's a video of a woman with inoperable bladder tumor that live on on ultrasound dissolved it with energy doctors moving their hands over her and chanting it is already done…no chemo, no radiation, just faith and moving energy frequency in the body….I will find link, its amazing!!

  26. I alternate organic tumeric, organic ginger and baking soda all with honey, one teaspoon of each…. If you can afford a Candida cleanse it helps get your immune system in balance and kefir and no sugar oe breads keep it there

  27. The tumeric is easier to swallow with raw honey

  28. After they put the tube in for chemo, don't do the chemo, instead use the tube to administer baking soda and iodine protocols for 10 days and then have them check your numbers and they will down or gone…another guy did this with lung cancer and beat it fast…but also fast one day first and during your self treatment only organic raw fruits and vegetables that are known cancer fighters… No worries baby girl you are at the right place at the right time, BC you didn't already obliterate your immune system with chemo which is made of poisonous mustard gas. It doesn't cure, it kills…then by a miracle a few people are strong enough to come back from the brink of death from it. We all have cancer all the time, we have to use our immune system to keep it from taking over, its our fighters, and how we win, don't compromise your only system to beat this. No sugar, no grains, kefir and lemon water everyday, no fluoride. I promise if you do these things you will be alright. Prayer, cuddles and laughing help too…do what these people say and don't let them doctors scare you, they only get paid if you succumb to the fear and have insurance 😉

  29. Evie Fishkin what did you use???

  30. Just add turmeric to everything

  31. Is chemo going to cure you? June, 2014 I just had months to live, and I declined chemo. If I'm dying, I didn't want to out sick but with dignity. It's been over a year, and I'm living. My tumors last scan are shrinking or disappearing. Everyday I wake up, and I am alive so I say how am I going to live. No matter how I feel I get dress and get out.

  32. Vitamin c and turmeric

  33. Prevent and reverse chronic disease now (including cancer, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, depression, anxiety/ptsd, chronic pain, lyme disease and viruses, bacteria, fungus and parasites ) with The Ultimate Prevention and Wellness Program available for free at and my free articles on a holistic approach to these chronic diseases at Also read my free e book The Road to Happiness at and learn how to achieve inner peace, peace of mind and joy. Please read and share these free e books and articles. They will help save and improve lives.

  34. prayers for you Jessica, a big hug….

  35. Awesome to hear Keith!!!

  36. tAKE THE ADVICE GIVEN. Breathe and look at Dr. Morse. You'll be alright.

  37. go to this sight move your lymph's by DR Morse or his you tob video god bless

  38. JessicaHaines check messages

  39. Please breath first…it's going to be ok…really …breath deep and know that your body fights cancer everyday but we need to help give it what it needs when it gets off kilter…please see you tube video under IV Vitamin C see the man with tubes coming out of him…this is just one of the many great videos the others are natural path Dr's talking about how much C they give to control "die off"…see high dose vitamin C builds up your body and kills cancer on contact…you have the power to do what ever you want…High dose C is what I would do …might throw in bud wig as I met a lady who did surgery and skipped chemo and ate the cottage cheese fresh ground flax seeds for breakfast "budwig" and she has no signs of cancer it was stage 4 …many of our friends have died with chemo in a short time but my mother in law didn't …she had stage 4 throat cancer and got zapped everyday and poisoned I mean chemo…you see their own number say people die faster on chemo…a natural pathic type Dr. Will do "high dose IV vitamin c"…you may need it every 3 months for years…don't stop doing it until you are sure …heck we should all do that just to feel good …I personally feel I would live longer with C and …im just learning about possibly the apricot seeds ?…anyway everyone freaks out and jumps where ever the Dr says …do you know I was healed of a incurable disease.and all the people who listened to the Dr ARE all sicker and have terrible lives!…get on high doses of sublingual d3 and some d3 with k (less of that ) under the tongue is the only way to do d3 right

  40. Your body will tell you what will work for you now. You've already done so many things to prevent cancer, it must be frustrating. But take many deep breaths and think ONLY positive thoughts: no dwelling on any negative possibilities at all. Your thoughts affect how your cells behave. You can do this!!!

  41. I am sorry Jessica Haines, I remember being told I might live 5 years and I was over whelmed….There are great whole food supplements that are having awesome results and another site you should ask questions in is…

  42. Please look into Marijuana oil. I can give you contacts who have saved their own lives with it.

  43. Dixie Miller Justice contact a lawyer and find another Dr. If you Don't want that treatment then don't do it…cannabis oil, I would like to meet your Dr. that told you that and kick him in the head…He should be fired…you fight for your rights girl, don't give up!!!!!

  44. Sending prayers to you! Another thing to look into is black salve and bloodroot capsules.

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