People with Hashi’s often say they have brain fog.


People with Hashi’s often say they have brain fog. But what does that mean to you?
I used to think it was just being unable to fully focus and being forgetful. Similar to an attention problem. That how I experienced it.

But more recently, I find myself using the wrong words in speaking and writing, reading things inaccurately, and sometimes I feel like I’m dreaming through my actions. As if I don’t have a full cognitive grasp of what’s going on around me or what I’m doing. The moments are fleeting, but definitely there. I also have incidents of panic that I can breathe my way through.

I explained this to my doctor this week. He referred me to a neurologist. But also said, “You have thyroid issues and you will never run on all cylinders again. You will always have strange symptoms. It is part of your disease.”

Anyway, just curious about others “brain fog” experiences.
Thanks in advance.

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