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Hi guys! I was blood test diagnosed in May (ttg ab iga was 48). Have been waiting to see the specialist since then. Ended up in the ER about a month ago, and that doc ordered an endoscopy. Finally got the biopsy results and was told they were negative. I was just wondering if anyone knows what else could be the cause of a positive blood test and negative biopsy (other than doctor error with the biopsy)? I’ve read around online and am finding conflicting answers, and the specialist won’t see me until February. So I literally haven’t seen a doc about the celiac since my blood diagnosis in May. Thought maybe some of you had experienced this yourself!

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  1. I was ill and lost around 40 lbs before diagnosis. I had the endo, a barium enama which neither showed me having Celiac, but my blood test showed I did have it. Go with the blood test and start GF and see if you don’t feel better.

  2. I went the He*l before my diagnoses. A Biopsy only shows damage to the upper intestines, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have Celiac, it only means you don’t have damage Yet due to Celiac. Blood work is more accurate. The Scope is not really diagnostic, you can have celiac, and not yet have severe damage, or been GF and had damage reversed. Listen to the Blood, if you don’t eventually you will have a positive scope. You don’t want to know how ugly this can get. Find and eliminate the gluten, even the hidden gluten. Celiac.org is a great place to start research.

  3. A biopsy only tells if damage is in that spot. If you do not have widespread damage throughout your entire intestine practically, they can miss it. I had 3 endoscope that missed it. I agree with others here. Go with the blood test. Ttg is pretty specific

  4. Talk to your GI if you are still experiencing symptoms. There are other diseases that can cause numbers to be elevated and other issues that going gluten free can mask

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