Potassium sublingually or transdermally?


Interested to know if anyone takes any potassium sublingually or transdermally? Food intolerance issues are making it difficult for me to get the recommended daily amount and just had to stop the ac’s (oj is a big no no, tried coconut water, went on to plain water plus potassium bicarb etc, but all upset my digestion)

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  1. Try tomato or mango, watermelon or cantaloupe? I know of no transdermal or sublingual intake for potassium.

  2. Are you able to eat potatoes and bananas? Potatoes are v rich in potassium. I really struggle with food sources and this is where most of my potassium is coming from.
    Like you I can't do OJ, coconut water etc. Nor can I do oral Vit C. Am about to start protocol and have no idea how I'm going to do the Adrenal Cocktail. Am considering trying to make my own TD preparation and hope for the best.

  3. No to both Sue, I can manage a potato once in a while (nightshades are a big joint pain problem) but not enough for a regular supply. I am toying with the idea of creating a spray for myself using potassium chloride or bicarb, like a mag oil type of thing? Just a thought.

  4. Sue Tilleray, I tried 3 types of potassium in powdered form and they all upset my gut, even potassium chloride. However, ionic potassium chloride (by Trace Minerals Research) was a winner – maybe worth a try!

  5. Sue Tilleray How about Mg bath / footbath? You can put sodium bicarb in with it (1/2 bicarb to Mg). That will give you some bicarb. Shame about the spuds. It's a real problem isn't it when you are so limited with what you can take orally?
    Will you post if you have success with home made transdermals? I'll do the same. Maybe we will be able to help each other out. 🙂

  6. I was wondering about good Dill pickles ( but, lots of salt ) .. here are some whole food suggestions:

    The best sources of potassium are fresh foods – vegetables and fruits, including bananas, dates, apricots, almonds, pecans, potatoes, avocados, legumes, meats and milk.

    There is a small amount of potassium and phosphorous in dill pickles.
    Hope you can find something that agrees w/you!

  7. I feel like people were talking about using broth for potassium intake too, if so people have been posting some easy recipes for it. Was that true for the potassium intake?

  8. Apparently the potassium molecule is too big for transdermal use too bad.

  9. I have found potassium gluconate to be easier on my stomach than COT. And they are pills so they don't taste bad like the potassium bicarbonate powder.

  10. Mary Ann has had success with potassium gluconate I believe?

  11. One of our members solved her potassium issue by eating potatoes. Check out the list of other foods high in potassium and see if there aren't some that will work. Do you do a rotation diet to reduce inflammation and strengthen immunity? What are you doing for digestion?

  12. Mallory Tanis 🙂

  13. Sue Tilleray,
    Have you tried either of these recipes for the adrenal cocktails

    ADRENAL COCKTAIL ON THE GO -This is Jane Martin's recipe and is found in File as well as in Photos > Albums > Magnesium Basics folder.

    33 High Potassium Vegetables


    Histamine help




  14. Sweet potatoes aren't nightshades and they have a lot of potassium.

    A lot of the powdered supplements affect your stomach acid. I take them away from meals, as far as possible and use HCL at mealtime.

  15. I have to supplement potassium for over 20 years as did my mother and grandmother. I have never found another over the counter potassium supplement that works as well as the GNC brand potassium /magnesium blend.

  16. potatoes, nuts, bananas?

  17. Sue, I just wanted to chime in and let you know I have very similar issues! I had horrible GI issues with COT, but I found that I could handle a tiny amount of potassium bicarbonate. But, when I tried to increase the potassium bicarbonate to about 1/8 of a teaspoon I ended up super sick and throwing up- but I also think I didn't have enough salt added in. I also don't tolerate the whole food vitamin C's I've tried, and have bad GI issues with camu camu as well, although I can tolerate a tiny speck of that too. So for now, I drink coconut water with salt, and add a speck of the potassium bicarbonate and the camu camu. BUT, as far as the potassium goes, I think mine is already in optimal range, and my sodium is low according to recent blood tests. So, I think that it's possible I don't actually need much potassium, which could be part of the reason I reacted so horribly to it. Have you had your potassium and sodium levels checked via the suggested blood tests to see if you could be in the same situation? Plus, when I tried researching for reasons potassium might effect me so drastically, I read that people with IBD often have these issues. I've never been diagnosed with IBD, but it makes sense for me because all of my chronic health issues started with severe GI food sensitivities and I do have autoimmune issues. I think I was able to avoid developing full blown IBD because I cut out so many problematic foods early on (dairy, gluten, soy) and have been AIP (autoimmune Paleo) for a few years, but I still have a very sensitive GI system. So anyway, I know it's not the proper AC, but I do well with 4 oz of plain coconut water plus a little bit of plain water and the added sodium and tiny bits of potassium and camu camu for now, even though I also have problems with sugar and fruits. At least I get some of the good minerals and it helps hydrate me, which I need because I have a tough time getting hydrated even through I drink a lot of water because of the low sodium, I believe.

  18. Combination Potassium from seaweed by Natures Sunshine found on amazon I find works the best. Take care…

  19. Pomegranate juice

  20. Sue, that was me. I had severe intolerances to histamine and salicylates but an excluded diet eventually leads to more issues. A year ago, even my safe foods would upset me. I started with digestive enzymes and salt. Then mag oil. if it upset me, I didn't take it or eat it. I had a lot of success with digestive enzymes and papaya. I took them with every meal and ate 1/2 a papaya every day. I then introduced oranges and potassium and slowly my HI issues went. I stuck to my safe foods on the sibo list and over the last 10 months have been able to introduce a lot of foods and have no reaction. I started boron last week and it's been another game changer. Boron has gut healing properties in addition to all the other things it does. It also controls candida, which gut-issues people usually have. I wish I'd started it sooner.

  21. Simple: Potassium Chloride tastes and works like salt. So I got a 25kg bag and share it around 😉 Salt = Sodium Chloride. So that's covering it via salt taste but there is alkalising too: Sodium Bicarbonate is useful for many things like alkalising but there is naturally Potassium Bicarbonate too. The bircabonates destroy salicyllic acid quite effectively but I can't advise You with dosage in cooking apart from amazingly little. Enzymes – YES! . . . and bone-broth naturally. There are a fe probiotics that lower histamine. Saccharomyces. Cerevisiae and Saccharomyces Boulardii do it indirectly by reducing causes. Directly reducing histamine see http://organimagma.com/03-Microbes/ProBiotics-table.htm ctrl-F for H-. Be well 😉

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