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I have a question about pregnancy, magnesium, and low iron. My iron just tested at 8.1, quite low, even though I’ve been taking the desiccated liver pills and vitamin c for a couple of months. I’m 35 weeks pregnant, and must get my iron levels up to at least 9 to be able to have an out of hospital birth with my midwife. I’ve been taking magnesium at the same time as the liver pills, which according to some information I’ve found, interferes with iron absorption, while other sources say that you should take them at the same time. I’ve also just started taking Hema-plex (an iron supplement) in an effort to boost my iron levels quickly, in order to satisfy the midwife requirement. Advice?

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  1. I was just sitting here talking to my husband about my iron levels. I'm almost 31 weeks and I can see my blood vessels bulging. I'm not taking iron but I am taking C and mag. I'm having a homebirth too. My iron was like 10 when we checked last, which I also thought was odd. We literally bought a cow and I eat nothing but highly nutritious food along with stuff to help digestion. So, if anyone has advice I'd be thrilled! I'm out of breathe, so I'm concerned that my iron is sub par at the moment.

  2. Misty iron supplements are not recommend in this group

  3. There is a LOT of great info in the files. I'm currently expecting also and if I tried explaining things to y'all, I'm certain I'd make a mess of it! Mandy Chadwick is amazing and has frequently offered and posted advice/recommendations on pregnancy. It's all in here if you can search the files. Possibly try searching "iron and pregnancy". Morley has a lot of great papers on the topic also. Mandy lives in the UK so she may be on later to offer assistance.

  4. I was told by a health professional that vit c blocks iron absorption.

  5. Hb tested does not equal Iron. Have you tested full Iron panel and Ferritin?

  6. Liver , spinach, black strap molasses, nettle tea , all high in iron.

  7. Floradix will get your iron levels up fast

  8. Also, should I double up on the desiccated liver pills? I know that too much iron supplementation can be toxic, but not sure if that applies to the liver pills.

  9. Please search for pregnancy in here – there are some great threads on this very topic which should guide you as to where you need to be/what you can do to help yourself right now.

    Please don't take iron – if you must, eat some foods higher in iron such as molasses… supplemental iron will not help you or your baby!!


  10. I'm sure Morley has commented before that iron levels are supposed to drop late in pregnancy? That iron is being diverted to the placenta and baby, and that serum iron isn't a reliable indicator of iron status. Doesn't help that the hospitals have imposed such a restriction on your birth plan. Whilst it's not recommended here, black strap molasses and fluroridux will raise your levels quickly, hopefully enough to get you over the line. Just trust that whatever eventuates with the birth, it's intended to be. Best of luck x

  11. Just a thought: I know pathogenic gut bacteria can be iron eating/loving. So supplementing can feed them and not you. I've wondered a lot about that because my tummy bothers me often.

  12. I have had 7 kids, and I am ALWAYS low in iron, and no amount of high iron food has ever changed this!! I was vegetarian btw. In pregnancy, I took floridex, the most natural I could find Misty Sandberg

  13. Eat chia seed and spinach – not together tho

  14. Are you taking vit c to bowel tolerance? It's worth joining vitamin c for optimal health. They good at helping x

  15. Dear Misty Sandberg

    Congratulations on your pregnancy.

    Do you have the results for your full iron panel ( see this link)

    It is unwise to diagnose you with anaemia without knowing your full labs.

  16. You've been brainwashed to believe you need assistance to give birth; that's not true. I leaned up against the wall in the living room, having previously covered the carpeted floor. My second child arrived just fine while her father was on the phone frantically calling the midwife & doctor. All they did when they arrived was to tie the cord which had already stopped pulsating. The placenta was placed into a shallow glass dish to be inspected, as i'd had a secondary PPH with my first child. We buried the placenta near a rose bush. You can freeze it for future use.

  17. I wonder if you focused on liver function with bitter green foods or liver stimulating herbs, that this might just get you over the line? I haven't read all comments. How about cooking chicken livers with sweet onions? Breathe and focus on your home birth. Good luck and btw do what's right for you, you're running the show x

  18. Prioritise your birth. Catch the biomedical advice later. Have faith and eat liver lol

  19. As has been mentioned multiple times above, Morley, the owner of this group and author of multiple entries on this topic does not recommend taking ANY supplemental iron at all, nor ascorbic acid.

    Please please please read the provided resources and the recent threads on this topic.

    – moderator

  20. Are you UK or USA ? Are there any home birth support groups around because it seems like you are close to the iron level your carer wants you to be and it sounds like they are applying real pressure on you to reach a medical bench bark in order to have a home birth . At first glance and without knowing any of your medical history , I would say they are not being very supportive . Not sure what laws pertain to home birth where you are but I believe you have a right for a homebirth . It matters to you for a variety of reasons What evidence are they providing in order to facilitate your decision making or are they steam rollering you ? It may be worth getting the advice and support from independent midwives to fill out the picture in your favour . I know where I am that no one can force me to go to hospital for birth , all they can do is inform me and trust that I will make the decision which is right for me based on that information. How are you feeling ? What is your gut instinct about this situation ? I hope you get the respect you are due as mother from your health care providers xx

  21. From my expirience I was on plant based diet the whole pregnency and I had very rich diet. Plus I used daily Magnesium oil spray and baths and my blood and health was very good.

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