Problem with not handling alcoholic drinks?


Has anyone had a problem with not handling alcoholic drinks? After 2 glasses of wine you’d think I had a gallon. OK, after the second incident, I’m not drinking wine until I get this figured out.
I’m thinking no that my medication must not be correct.
Any opinions?

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  1. I’m no help, I have the alcohol tolerance of an Irish sailor. But I thought I’d *bump* your post.

  2. I cant drink either. I had one drink at Christmas time last year and felt like I’d had a dozen. It made me feel so ill and hungover. I haven’t had one since.

  3. Hi all. No I have discovered I can not drink either. I was very poorly yesterday all day. So over Xmas I am going to have shandy mmm lol

  4. I thought it was just getting older.
    I can’t drink either anymore.Wake up feeling like I’m having a heart attack and massively hung over from two/three drinks

  5. I have discovered I am allergic to corn. It makes me feel drunk. Also, I have systemic candidiasis, so it would ferment in my belly. Drunk as a skunk off a beer. Off all booze, sugar, corn, wheat, soy, dairy, mold or yeast during healing….90 days.

  6. happened to me Saturday night I had a couple of drinks and was so ill the next day. Often said I won’t drink again but that was awful off very little

  7. I have not had issues drinking alcohol. Though I do not drink often or much. But I do order a tall glass ice water with every drink now. Which I didn’t do before.

  8. Ohhh bless you. Yes good thinking with water aswell. But why do we feel so bad ?? I could normally drink quite well but jezzzz really really poorly.

  9. MTHFR gene I m homo A198…. forgot # but it means I cannot detox well from alcohol etc

  10. Hangovers last over a week for me from even 2-3. I don’t drink anymore. Not worth it.

  11. Given up enough not giving up my cocktails

  12. I can’t drink anymore. I’ve become boring. Even a tiny bit gets me very hungover! I year ago I drank a few Bloody Mary’s and seriously was in bed for 3 days!!! I’m done!!!!

  13. I drink maybe once a year and it does not bother me at all. The kids may make me start drinking daily though lol

  14. I hardly ever drink. But when I do it’s one or two glasses of wine. No problems with drinking.

  15. My tolerance has changed drastically too. I only really drink for special occasions, maybe two or three times a year. It takes me two days to recover. Last Saturday night I had one small cranberry vodka and ended up with a migraine an hour later.

  16. I seemingly have a major tolerance to alcohol. I can drink 3 or 4 rocks/highball glasses with ice and then brandy all the way to the top. It amazes my daughter that I can drink it straight. I don’t start feeling any effects until after the second or sometimes third one.

  17. Prior to being diagnosed, alcohol stopped having any type of pleasant affect on me – no buzz at all, just a headache followed by a massive hangover. Even with being diagnosed with Hashimotos, no doctor – and I’ve seen lots, have been able to explain this. I have never been a big drinker, but it would be awesome to have a glass of wine without getting sick.

  18. Yes this is right. I am also trying gluten free. It has reduced the swelling in my stomach massively thank goodness x

  19. My doctor says it’s because my liver isn’t processing things correctly. She suggested a liver detox which seems to have helped.

  20. I developed Asian Flush. The occasional drink makes my face burn.

  21. Thank god someone posted this. Since I’ve started my medication my tolerance has changed significantly. I went to a party recently and I was like the 15 year old having her first drink. It was awful. I asked my endo about this and he said it has nothing to do with the medicine. I beg to differ and needlessly to say, I have changed my endo.

  22. i had to give alcohol up since hashimotos makes me really sick, i do miss a glass of wine once in awile.

  23. Yes! One glass of wine and I’m immediately exhausted and need to go to bed. Then hungover the next day. My dr thinks that my liver isn’t processing the sugars / alcohol properly.

  24. Gallbladder issues can do that also. I was having issues with mine and having 1 glass of wine was like a whole bottle and the next day aweful!

  25. Oh most definitely. I choose to rarely partake in adult beverages anymore. All it takes is one drink to feel tipsy.

  26. Thank you everyone for weighing in on this question. On Thanksgiving, and then 8 days later I drank wine. Both times I BLACKED OUT after 2 glasses. When it happened at Thanksgiving that I came down with bronchitis that night so I thought that was why the wine hit me so hard. The 2nd time I was downtown. 🙁 This really scared me. OK, well, alcohol isn’t important in my life. I do like a glass of wine once in a while, but blacking out is a deal breaker. Thank you all

  27. Could be the histamine in the wine your intolerant to its in most fermented drinks

  28. Use to be one bottle…. Now, barely one glass and I’m stumbling around.

  29. So glad this thread was started makes me feel better knowing there was a reason I felt so bad

  30. So happy for the post I can’t drink at all a few sips and I feel dizzy tired and sick so no\nMore for me

  31. It’s your thyroid! It causes bad dizzy stomach problems just like gluten. I stopped drinking a long time ago.

  32. Are any of you also on Cholesterol meds or antidepressants? My Dr told me I could not drink with these meds

  33. i just don’t drink

  34. I’ve had thyroid disease for 50 years. Never had a problem with drinking and medications until I moved to CA and my thyroid meds were changed. My doctor explained that low thyroid causes alcohol, medication, etc to stay in body longer than people with normal metabolism. My normal friends and relative can drink, take meds, etc with no ill effect. It takes me days to recover from taking one baby aspirin, a glass of wine, etc.

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