Psychiatric symptoms from celiac?


does any one else experience psychiatric symptoms from celiac?. i have a hard time believing my rage and depression are related to the disease but my celiac specialist insists they are. he is recommending medication for these symptoms and i am very hesitant. does any one else have similar experiences?

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  1. My son has celieac and he has struggled with depression and axiety, anger. When his digestive tract is doing good his symptoms are almost gone. He is on a very low dose of anti-depressant. has helped

  2. If the symptoms are effecting your life negatively then treat it no matter the source.
    I did notice my depression/anxiety lessen after going gf. I do think it’s possible to feel terrible for so long from celiac that you’re not able to be your best self but if diet can’t control it completely then perhaps medicine can help.

  3. the gut and brain are connected so it is very common to have anxiety/ depression when you have issues with your digestive system. My daughter has celiacs and after 3 weeks being gf I have noticed it getting better.

  4. Yes, I have anxiety! I can’t complete thoughts when I ingest gluten accidentally. It’s terrible

  5. Those were my only symptoms. Rage. Depression. Major mood swings. I haven’t had any of these symptoms since I cut gluten a little over a month ago. So, YES, this is a very real side effect. I have been on so many psychiatric meds that have done NOTHING for me. I have struggled for YEARS. I finally feel like a “normal” person now.

  6. Very much, yes. I didn’t know what anxiety was until I was GF and recovered and realized it was gone. I am pretty chill now. Unless I get glutened, then I have irrational anger/frustration. I have a sister who is GF but not strict, refuses to be tested who struggles with severe anxiety, depression, and anger. The greatest gift you can give yourself is to understand that the depression and anger is not who you are, its is a physiologic state that you can and will get out of. Take the help, but also look to see where your diet may be failing you.

  7. My wife has been battling depression and social anxiety for awhile now. Not sure if hers is related to the disease. Her depression started after our daughter had a brain tumor removed when she was 7.

  8. Yep.. Depression.

  9. Yes, depression and anxiety after I’ve been glutened.

  10. Yes neurological symptoms are part of the 300 or so that affect us celiacs 🙁

  11. Has to do with brain gut connection. Heal the gut heal the brain. Read Gut and Psychology Syndrome by Natasha Campbell McBride . Answers all your questions and offers help.
    Hope you feel better

  12. Yes, I get major anxiety after being glutened. I already have existing anxiety but it’s very mild but gluten just makes it a lot worse for me.

  13. Yes. And sugar too…it affects the intensity of my PMS, as well as my overall stress/temperment. My son reacts to all the above and Red dye #40.

  14. Anxiety…!

  15. My son is 9 and He has very extreem irritable moods angry outburst and throws fits like a two-year-old …We have had him on a gluten free diet for about a month now.. he has snuck gluten a few times a school himself 3 times that I know of…so at this time I don’t know the symptoms are related or not…hoping they are because he hasn’t always been like this.

  16. Mood swings and anxiety

  17. Rage or severe anxiety attacks are my first indication that I’ve been badly glutened

  18. * please do not share factually incorrect information regarding neurodivergencies, we are intersectional and dont want to make anybody feel bad. 🙂

  19. Yes…tho I see it more as having clarity when I have not been glutened. It just gets foggy and unintelligible and hard to justify the way I act when I have been glutened.

  20. Depression yes, rage, yes, anxiety heightened, yes\nThese are my personal findings with my own issues

  21. My symptoms came to a head at the beginning of this year. Before going GF late summer, I had terrible depression and anger. GF and supplements to reverse the deficiencies have resolved this

  22. I have food anxiety, social anxiety not related to celiac but I do have quick to anger issues when I wasn’t gluten free.

  23. Anxiety, irritability, sensitivity, sadness, trouble sleeping… my daughter has post concussion syndrome and they put her on a gluten free diet. She has all the above symptoms

  24. My little girl has brain fog, becomes maudlin, at times hyper, and at times just doesn’t feel right.

  25. I get rage depression mood swings. Super bad brain fog and vertigo. And sometimes it can zone out everything for hrs and just stare at a spot like a zombie… (that’s the most frustrating for my family cause they can be screaming at me and I won’t hear them)

  26. Yes yes and, for sure

  27. I had frequent panic attacks before going gluten free. I don’t have them anymore. I also got upset and angry more easily.

  28. I’m not feeling well enough to continue monitoring this so closing post, a genuinine apology to those who still wish to answer, I know this post is important yo a lot of us. I’ll try to open it again later 🙂

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