Question about birth control and mental health


Question about birth control and mental health.

How many of you had anger problems before taking birth control, but after taking it, your moods balanced out?

How many of you had the opposite affect? Meaning you went from nice to just crazy, angry and snapping for nor reason?

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  1. Opposite effect.
    Since being off HBC I'm happy again

  2. I have PCOS which causes me to be more moody and the shot, pills, and mirena only made it worse and continued the cysts I was already prone to.on my 3rd nuvaring and no more cyst or mood swings because the estrogen makes me feel normal

  3. The pill has greatly impacted my emotional health. I have tried 4 or 5 pills ( I cannot remember at this point!), with the lowest dose pill working the best ( Lo Loestrin). This sort of confirms it for me. I see a doctor to help with the depression and anxiety. I think that there needs to be a lot more research put in to how the pill impacts women's lives beyond the small study recently done, which i dont think was very comprehensive . I think the pill is amazing and life changing, but I do believe that we deserve a bit more credibility concerning our grievances. This of course is just one component, though. AND, this is just MY experience. The pill helps balance countless women who suffer from PMS or PMDD and this also validates that the reverse can happen to some women, so I am always confused as to why some people, including doctors, will tell many women "it's all in their head

  4. It's made me more anxious, and angry right at the end. No drive most of the time. Don't feel like myself when on birth control

  5. Its always helped reduce my anxiety. The best thing I've had so far is the Mirena. No more periods at all which has helped stabilize my mood, especially my anxiety, and keeps other health issues in check.

  6. I feel overall more stable emotionally with birth control (combined pill). I used to have real mood swings sometimes, mostly in which I'd get depressed and angry at my self for various reasons. On those occasions I sometimes felt like being a bitch to others and had to make an effort not to. After starting to take the pill it became better, although in the sequence of a traumatic event in my life I became unstable and more easily upset/irritated again for some time- with time I got better again though. Never stopped taking the pill and now I feel balanced again.

  7. Birth control makes me hover somewhere between crazy and depressed.

  8. Getting the hormonal iud I think was a good call for myself (imo). I don't get all the PMS anymore or sensitivity on period (imo should say now: "what period?!" because I don't have them anymore! ). I think because the hormones that came with/triggered the shedding got to my brain negatively in mental/emotional ways, if only hormones stayed where they needed to go or could just go a straight and narrow route to do their job. And not having that extreme roller coaster has helped me be able to deal with my mental/emotional issues (anxiety/severe depression/PTSD) a lot better and more easier (as opposed to facing all those with my period hormones–omg–I don't even see how I could handle that , anxiety/depression/PTSD is enough of a roller coaster as is!).

    But this is how it is for me. It could be different for others. Birth control has helped so much. I used to be doubled over in severe cramp pain (10+) for 3 days of a 5-6 defray regular cycle–and very heavy flow too. Now it's no periods and occasional cervical cramps that are much of anything and go away.

  9. I can't take birth control due to having our of nowhere suicidal thoughts when I take it. It also really increases my anxiety

  10. Since on the pill I'm a bipolar person. It really messed up with my mood changes.

  11. For me, Ocella (pill) increased depressed moods, I've slowly been more lacking in motivation, has been causing major insomnia (to the point I've now been taking sleep aids) and it's heightened my already existing anxiety problems. I'm getting the Skyla IUD next week in hopes it'll help me get back to myslef

  12. It evened out my anxiety, and lifted my depression. (Not totally of course, therapy helps lol) I've never been an angry person, really mellow actually. NuvaRing has been amazing, haha.

  13. Ive been angry then going on to it my family clearly sees a difference it almost freaks me out if i go on my dead pills week people gota beware lol

  14. Probly made me worse I was perfect before never thought bc had anything to do with it lol

  15. I am on the pill and i cry a lot more. And get angry at the drop of a hat over any and everything. I mean like fighting mad. And i don't fight. 🙁 also depressed on it. Yes i have an appointment with my doctor monday brdore anyone asks

  16. Right I'm not cut out for synthetic hormones..

  17. Opposite for me. I was literally crazy on it. Like would get into these rages and wouldn't know why and sometimes couldn't even remember what I'd said or done. It was scary

  18. Made my moods worse and more intense on the pill.

  19. When I was on the pill, I went to ask my boss about a cake one day and just started bawling my eyes out

    Since I've been on the nuvaring I've been fine. I haven't had any mood changes. That I've noticed anyway Hahahaha

  20. When I was on too high of an estrogen dosage for birth control I was a crazy person. Lower dose and I'm fine

  21. Mine sort of balanced out? I was 17 (now 22) when I went on it but before I did, every month during my periods, my moods would get sooo low, I would legitimately think about suicide because I felt so bad, physically and emotionally.

    Once I got used to Lo Loestrin Fe, I stopped having periods and stopped having dramatic mood changes. I had been dealing with depression for a very, very long time so it didn't help that. I'm currently getting help for my depression and I'm starting to get past it so I don't think my birth control is contributing to it.

  22. Haha same here! Extremely emotional over anything and everything i hate it haha. The Orthocyclin for me made me more angry and someone no one wanted to be around. The Nexplanon is soo much better, just more emotional

  23. It's increased my ability to cry does that count?

  24. I think it's increased my anxiety. However I think it's just love getting to me so I can't really say if it's the pill or not

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