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On a very strict gluten free diet how long did it take your antibody labs to return to normal level?

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  1. Over a year

  2. It took me 6 months.

  3. Last July I was over 250, in February I was tested again 61 !!

  4. Okay. I just got upset today. My blood levels are low but not normal yet and it’s been 7 months.

  5. They told me in adults with severe damage it can take 1-2 years to heal

  6. Everyone is different. Some it takes a year or longer, some it just takes a few months. It depends on the damage, how strict you are with CC, whether or not you eat out and expose yourself to gluten..Goodluck on your journey.

  7. I didn’t do a retest of the antibodies, but the symptoms stopped abruptly at 9-10 months.

  8. Is this a TTG antibody or a gliadin antibody IGA question? My 17 yo got test results today. First one is down to 6 and second is 18.5 🙂 after 6 months.

  9. The half life of the anti gliadin IgA is 6 months!

  10. 6 month check

  11. 4 month check

  12. It’s different for everybody. I was in normal range at my 4 month check and will be re-tested in a year.

  13. My 11yr old was diagnosed with Coeliac last September and had a blood test last couple of weeks with results showing no traces of gluten. The doctor was so happy and proud of her – we all are. She’s a champion and has taken a good grip of it.

  14. 185 at diagnosis, 12 at six-month blood test, <1 at a year after diagnosis. (I figure it was probably <1 soon after the six-month followup, but didn't have blood work done till a year.)

  15. Two months to get mine down to normal range.

  16. Around 6 months

  17. Mine were always low because I have IgA Deficiency but I have heard it can take months and even years

  18. 2 1/2 months from 236 to 3.

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