Question about immune system.


Question about immune system. I have been taking levothyroxine for about a year and have had hashi symptoms for at least 3 years. I get sick a lot, always have, and now I work in a health food and supplement store and am trying to move towards a more natural way of living. Does anyone here take any natural supplements to boost immune system and NOT see a hashi symptom flare? In tired of constantly being sick but I fear taking anything to super charge my immune system

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  1. Have u had ur TPO and TG antibodies tested? What’s ur free t3 level?

  2. I haven’t been tested since my last med check in July. I’ve had tpo and tg tested when first diagnosed but not since. Not sure on my levels either. I know that when I was first diagnosed everything was at .03 or .06 ish. Antibodies were in the thousands

  3. I see. So u do have hashimotos. The only thing u can do to bring those antibodies down is to go gluten free, soy free, eat as clean as possible. There is a supplement u can take to help bring antibodies down. Selenium 200mcg daily.It helps with the t4 to t3 conversion as well. I would start there and then get a full thyroid panel done when u go in next. Wait on having those antibodies retested until you have made some of the choices above. Still test tsh, free t3, free t4. Vitamin levels (b12, D, magnesium) should be checked too as hashimotos patients tend to have deficiencies there too. Don’t supplement until u know u r deficient. 🙂

  4. I take selenium, eat gluten free, take vit d, b12 (b complex), and magnesium already!

  5. I’m wondering more about herbal elderberry and zinc, colostrum, Echinacea, fenugreek

  6. I take echinacea drops but normally too late! but I do find Vicks first defence is good when you first feel a cold coming.

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