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Question about iodine: I’m very confused about whether or not I should be adding an iodine supplement to my regimen. There seems to be a lot of conflicting information out there. Does anyone have insight?

(I have Hashimoto’s, TSH and T3 and T4 levels are in normal range for now, not on any thyroid meds yet, started a gluten-free diet three weeks ago)

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  1. How did you find out you had Hashi?

  2. Well, I can only tell you my experience. I switched to a holistic doctor last year and he added iodine to my regimine. Started me on a very small dose and worked up slowly to a bigger dose. He also had me add other supplements, stop using others, and I tried gluten-free for a month so everything probably contributed. I do feel a lot better, my brain fog is gone, joint pain is not as bad, and I have more energy among other things. At my three month bloodwork, my antibodies went from the 3000 range to the 500 range. He contributes it more to going gluten-free for a month rather than the iodine, though. If you decide to take iodine, please consult with a doctor, though. Iodine can mess with your numbers a bit and other meds, including your thyroid med, may have to be adjusted.

  3. There are plenty of good MD’s that can help you. Antibodies just tell you that you have Hashimoto’s. The TSH and Free t3 tests determine what dose of hormones you need.

  4. You only need to supplement if you have a medically diagnosed (not a skin patch test) iodine deficiency. Otherwise excess iodine can increase the autoimmune response and worsen symptoms. Too much iodine is though to be one of the triggers for autoimmune disease. There are some forms of non-autommune hypothroidism that can benefit from treatment with iodine, but it’s generally contraindicated for Hashimoto’s.

  5. Dr Brownstein has written that iodine can help with hashi patients but they must also religiously use the companion nutrients. Selenium in particular keeps iodine balanced in hashi patients. There’s an Iodine Workshop group on fb that lists reading material to educate yourself. 🙂

  6. It is conflicting. I think it’s best to get iodine levels tested first before attempting to supplement.

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