Question about MOM for teeth


Question about MOM for teeth:
Everything I read about it seems to have conflicting info.
One article I read had a comment saying the sodium hypochlorite caused their teeth to turn grey! ?
I also saw comments here about it not being good to use with fillings.
Can anyone clarify these issues?

Also if I were to try it, what toothpaste is safe to switch to with no fluoride AND no glycerine? I can’t give up my T-paste

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  1. See if you can find milk of magnesia WITHOUT the added sodium hypochlorite. Name brands have it but some store brands don't. Or buy magnesium hydroxide powder and make your own.

  2. I buy good sense mom and it doesn't have sodium hypochlorite. Just mag and purified water. I use this and make my own tooth powder.

  3. Many people following healing protocols report their teeth turning a grey color. When they go to the Dentist, it is easily scraped off… it is part of the detox. So, the "grey" discoloration they are describing with the MOM may or may not be a detox reaction.

  4. I mix coconut oil with baking soda and a couple of drops of tea three or peppermint essential oil, sometimes I switch and mix coconut oil with activated charcoal. My mouthwash is wheat grass (1/8 of q teaspoon in a bit of water the size of a tequila glass)…wheat grass leaves your breath very fresh and prevents plaque and gingivitis…some people swear it aids with teeth re-mineralization.

  5. I challenge you to a week of no toothpaste at all. The beauty is that you can tell if the teeth are clean by the viscosity of the, um, spit. Sometimes my electric toothbrush is done in its allotted 2 minutes, other times not. If you want breath freshner, use the herb of your choice after, fennel seeds or peppermint or other.

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