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Question about natural calm…it says 2 teaspoons is 325mg. From what I hear 500mg of mag is minimum to help with migraines. So is it ok to take more than the recommended dosage of 2 teaspoons?

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  1. Yes, but don't take it all at once…. and 500mg may not be enough. Take some in the morning and some at night.

  2. Ok thank you.

  3. Isn't it better to take Magnesium Plus with additional vitamins VS. Calm which is only 325 mg magnesium?

  4. What's magnesium plus?

  5. MJ- if I split it up, won't I be tired during the day from it?

  6. This is the recommended protocol, but many folks take Natural Calm through the day.

  7. Where do people get mag oil for cheap because 1-2 oz is pricey if I used the stuff I spray on!

  8. I got mine on Amazon for under $10

  9. Sometimes, the additional vitamins in a product may be in a form that's not easily absorbed. Some can even be harmful- for example, if a product contains magnesium plus calcium and vitamin D, you're MUCH better off taking the plain magnesium. Vitamin D uses up magnesium when the body processes it, and the ratio of calcium to magnesium in the body is as important as the total amount of magnesium. Taking a cal/mag product probably wont' help you raise magnesium in your body, and it may even make things worse.

  10. When I was taking it every day (before I switched to mostly transdermal) , I would mix up 2 heaping tablespoons in a blender bottle and keep it in the fridge. It would last me 2 maybe 3 days. I just took a sip here and there as I passed through the kitchen or when I got something out of the fridge.

    Then if I felt the beginnings of a migraine or aura coming on, I'd chug a bunch and if possible, take a mag bath…

    My migraines have thankfully been under control since really getting on the magnesium train. 🙂 so fantastic. I was living in fear and anxiety after a month of near-every-night hemiplegic migraines … I hope mag helps you as much as it has helped me.

  11. Is there a such thing as having too much mag in your system?

  12. Alayna Abing – Magnesium needs to be in balance with other minerals. Testing helps determine the need to rebalance the body.

  13. What exactly do I ask my doctor when requesting testing?

  14. If you take too much magnesium orally, you'll get loose stools rather than absorbing it.

  15. I make my own mag oil. I get over 2lbs mag chloride flakes for under 15$ and it makes a lot. 1 cup easily makes 12oz+ of mag oil

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