Question about nuvaring. Is it complicating to put in yourself?


I have a question about nuvaring. Is it complicating to put in yourself? Im scared to do it haha. Considering this as an option. I just know I don’t want patch implant or shot. So I’m down to nuvaring, iud and pills.

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  1. Oh ok does that work?

  2. Suggestion: take the tampon out of an applicator and use it to put it in.

  3. super easy! you squish the ring and push it up your vag (i do it on the toilet), it doesn't hurt or anything, and you can't lose it in there (i've had that fear when i first started cos i leave it in during sex and it gets shoved around haha sorry if tmi ) but it's not small enough to go anywhere past your cervix! partner doesn't feel it tho 😛 i don't use other backup methods, so far so good. i use the bedsider app to remind me so i don't have to worry about when to take it out or put a new one in

  4. I love my Skyla IUD. Insertion was a bitch but lordy does it pay off. It's one of the smallest on the market, is a progestin only method, and has one of the lowest levels of hormones. Very little gets into the bloodstream like other systemic methods. I haven't needed backup methods. It's fantastic.

  5. Nope super easy to put in.i usually squat and then hold the ring together so I can slide it in

  6. It's easy to place and fishing it out is awkward but easy.

  7. I just started the Nuvaring a couple weeks ago. Super easy to insert, cant feel it once inserted and once placed inside it seems to seat itself….

  8. May I ask what the problem is with the patch? I thought I would hate it and it not work. I also thought it would fall off really easy but i love it!!

  9. Emmy Hubbard

  10. Nuva ring is so easy to put in only thing I've delt with is how it positions sometimes but if you bend it and slide it in far enough it's fine

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