Question about Vit-D as related to Magnesium


Question about Vit-D as related to Magnesium…I am entirely new so please forgive if this is obvious to everyone else. From reading the posts I am getting the idea that supplementing Vit-D will have a negative impact on your Magnesium. Is that correct?

Here is why I ask… The first time I met with my ND we were discussing symptoms and she immediately suspected a magnesium deficiency. Suggested I take Mag- glycinate or malate, which ever I could find. I took Mag- malate and started doing epsom salt soaks and immediately felt better. It was amazing how much better I felt.
At that time she ordered a bunch of blood tests, one of which was the Vit-D. Turned out I was VERY low. She put me on 10,000 units a day, expecting to drop to 2,000 units within a month. With-in days I went back to feeling like crap.
That was 6 months ago, I am still on 10,000 units a day. The magnesium I take does nothing for me. I feel worse than ever.
Also want to point out that during this time I had surgery to have half of my thyroid removed, and a lot of stress afterwards from the hormones being unbalanced.

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  1. Oh my…… so very sorry that you, too, have been clobbered professionally by D. Please read this page and get the testing done, then you will know.

  2. I have a similar issue. I thought maybe the lanolin in the D 5000 iu pill I had been taking was making my feel bad, and I switched to a D cream in a pump dispenser, (10,000iu per pump, one pump a day). I am hoping transdermal D will be better than the pills. Unsure how mag and D compete with each other / pill vs. cream D. I do know my last D test showed my levels at low normal. I am very interested to see the responses to your question, and my only thoughts on your situation is that maybe you should cut back on the D supplement, and see if you feel better, and try getting more sun if possible. Good luck!

  3. I live in Tucson, AZ…I don't think it is possible to get more sun.

  4. I envy you that! Lol.

  5. Brittani Deters – please read the link I posted.
    Do you spend time outdoors without sunscreen?

  6. Then my question is: Is it good or bad to spend time in the sun, and getting D that way? I am from Sweden where sunshine is occasional, but in the winter I spend a couple of months in Egypt and I LOVE the sun…

  7. I don't wear sunscreen at all unless I am going to be outside long enough to sunburn. And that is usually only during the summer.

  8. the sun is Number ONE!

  9. The wildcard of your thyroid being off can mess up everything.

    Try going off the vit d and see how you feel. You can always start it again if you feel worse.

    I just took s nice walk and the sun is great today in Tucson, isn't it?

  10. In order for your body to absorb the Vitamin D3 you need to take vitamin k2 with it. It is the co-factor for vitamin D3. Don't take vitamin D2; it is the synthetic form of Vitamin D.

  11. Jo Ellen Fipps – the teach here is no isolated D3. And, no D without testing. Read this link.

  12. Ulla-Stina Rask media n Drs make it sound like sun is bad for you it is good for you try n sun 15 minutes per day without sunscreen less if fair skin

  13. Yeah that is the latest news heard about sun…

  14. Is it okay to do those tests if I am actively taking PhysioLogics Vit-D3?

  15. If you want your d3 (or any d) level UNSUPPLAMENTED go off 5 days prior. If you want levels ON sups then take them up to the day before.

  16. Okay thanks…now if I can just get the brain fog to clear long enough to remember that

  17. I take fermented cod liver oil for my vitamin d and vitamin K2. Plus I take Magnesium glycinate and Neuro-Mag, magnesium L-Threonate. I was weak, and could hardly get around until I did those things. I had brain-fog and was really in a mess. Now I'm doing just great!

  18. I will say that if your calcium is elevated from d3, it can take months to fall. So, I'd guess stopping five days out would give you levels your body is retaining without a spike from what you just took.

  19. Michelle Thatcher is my ND. I love my ND. She doesn't know everything but is willing to learn and works with you to help figure things out. I told two other doctors I was having panic attacks after my surgery when it had never happened to me before. They refused to do anything until I had more blood work after 6 weeks. I was down right surprised I lasted another 6 weeks. Well after the 6 weeks and the new blood work they wanted me to go on Levo and they didn't even comment on the panic attacks. They didn't care. Young females, over-react they have panic attacks. Yeah I thought the same thing until it happened to me. Weirdest sensation ever, and it just hits out of nowhere, several times a day. I was actually in Dr. Thatcher's office when it happened and she immediately gave me something that helped. She doesn't know why they started happening, but she is willing to help me manage the symptoms while we figure it out. When my arms went numb and the MRI showed nothing wrong with me she figured out it was B12 deficiency. All of my doctors told me to watch what I eat, she is the first one to actually ask me what I eat. She is just wonderful. I don't know what I would do without her and my chriopractor Dr. Eric. The two of them have been the only reason I can even get out of bed in the morning.

  20. Is Dr. Thatcher on Oracle Rd? I was a physical therapist for 40 yrs and have done a 175* change. Would you be willing to email me so I can get more info from you, and about Dr. Eric. [email protected]

  21. no problem, I will send one now. And yes it is Dr. Thatcher on Oracle Rd.

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