Question do you have to take all of your sugar pills ?


Question do you have to take all of your sugar pills ? I’m on amethia the generic version of seasonique. I love my birth control but I hate my break week. Don’t have to take all of my sugar pills ? Unless trying to get pregnant there is no need for a period. So I was wondering.

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  1. I started them on Saturday. I hardly bleed. Until now

  2. Nope. Toss 'em.

  3. Correct. depending on what birth control you are on

  4. Oh okay so if you don't take them you don't get a period then ?

  5. so that will you have a period

  6. What's the purpose of sugar pills ?

  7. You increase your risk of having break through bleeding if you skip the last week though.

  8. Thanks so much

  9. ill say that the more you do it, meaning, the more you skip your whole break week, the better it gets. It took me 2 months to not spot. Not saying this is a guarantee, but your body needs to get used to it, and you need to commit to it. There are 2 schools of thought on this, though. 1. your body is so shocked after coming off continuous BC ( your body being your uterine lining), that it reacts and withdraws from the lack of hormones. and 2. Your uterine lining is so stabilized by the continuous hormones you don't spot after a while. You might go either way, but i'd say if it really bothers you, try to fully commit to skipping your whole break week and see what happens after a couple of months.

  10. I have my period every 3 months. So I normally take it 3-4 days and then start back up my pills. I find that I can't just always skip it. I tend to get break through bleeding.

  11. are you asking if it is OK to just move to your next pack? If so, it is. You dont "need" a period at all. You might spot in the beginning. Also, ask you doctor about running packs of seasonique back to back. I dont think this is a problem at all, but she/he might have a good reason why you need that break after a few months of being on continuous BC.

  12. You don't have too have your sugar pills during your break.
    You can choose too skip your break entirely if you want too.

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