Question for those on Armour


Question for those on Armour: I know we’re all different and react to meds differently, but wanted some input as to how/when you take your medication. Do you find it works better if taken first thing in the morning? At night? With a meal? I’m excited to finally get some proper treatment after being disregarded for the last 3 years. Any advice is greatly appreciated

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  1. I was told to take mine before bed. Also been on for yrs, youll know when the armour is off, Great thing about this med. Good luck!

  2. First thing in mornig… but night could work just depends on schedule, eating and other meds

  3. I take first thing in the morning and an hour before I eat anything

  4. First thing of a morning with a glass of water and then I wait about 30 minutes to an hour before a cup of coffee or eating. I”ve been more stable on Armour than any other. I made the change after my thyroidectomy for cancer in 2013 best move to a med ever. I hope you have just as much success!

  5. Some will tell you that it should be taken on an empty stomach, before breakfast. That doesn’t work for some people. Some thyroid supplements can be very irritating to the stomach and esophagus. If that is the case, you need to take it with food. The dosage will have to be adjusted, but it is fine to do that. My doctor even takes his with food. It really is alright.

  6. My doctor told me to take mine however I wish and then she’d adjust accordingly. I’m blessed to have a doctor who listens and works with me.

  7. I take first thing in morning with my soda. My vitamins. My only problem is my own hormone swings. But I do have endometriosis also.

  8. In the morning .. Just swallow all my pills in one go !!

  9. My Dr just let me switch from Levo to Armour just yesterday so I’m very anxious to see if it will work. How soon has anyone’s seen the symptoms get better?

  10. Like 2-3 weeks honestly give it a good month


    I was on Armour and have been on Levo a while now.

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