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Question on chocolate. If you are staying 100% away from dairy, what percent of cacao should dairy free chocolate have? I heard 75% (which I cant find in my stores)and then heard 65% was ok.. I’m so confused haha

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  1. It's going to depend on the company that made it, just check the ingredients! Alter Eco has gluten & dairy free bars

  2. If you want to err on the safe aside, buy from companies like Enjoy Life that doesn't use any dairy (among other allergens).

  3. If you are really allergic….you may just need to skip unless they actually say they test for dairy in each batch.

  4. You have to read the labels/ingredients… it will say whether or not it contains milk.

  5. Enjoy Life chips

  6. Thankyou for all the help but not exactly what I'm looking for. I have r3ad all labels and they always say dairy free, that's not the problem. It's that some say 55% cocoa and others say 65% and I guess I'm just trying to find the difference with that. Trying to pick the healthy, lesser likely to be a problem in the end, chocolate haha Thanks for all the answers tho!

  7. The type of health problems my family has calls for a certain amount of cacao or cocoa (same thing?) I'm just trying to get an understanding of that I guess and online hasn't been much help haha thankyou again everyone. We have resulted to making our own foods from scratch as well but chocolate is just not one I wanna do haha

  8. Uumm cacao isn't really a want to make sure they don't use milkfat..a lot of brands Sneak it in.

  9. Stick with enjoy life. Their chocolate is really good and you know your safe

  10. I believe you just need to avoid milk chocolate. Plain dark chocolate typically doesn't have milk in it, but always read label to be sure it wasn't added.

  11. I buy a dark chocolate in Aldi, 88% cacao…I love it!

  12. Try Lilly's!

  13. OH great now I want hot cocoa! 🙂

  14. This one appears to be allergy safe.

  15. We get 90% lindt here in Oz.. not sure if you can get that where you are?

  16. I do Lindt. Anything 70%and up is okay. Other brands aren't though. Look for milk fat in the ingredients!

  17. Thanks everyone for the help!

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