Question regarding the GF barcode scanner apps.


Question regarding the gluten free barcode scanner apps. I typically google items that aren’t clearly labeled and/or call manufacturers. Is it helpful in these situations and reliable? I would like something quick, but if I’m still going to need to google anyhow or call, I’m not sure it’s a big help. Have you found it to be reliable? Which one?

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Answers ( No )

  1. The scanner isn’t always correct

  2. No apps I have found are correct so I don’t bother

  3. I believe it’s easier and quicker to just learn to read labels

  4. Apps are only as good as the people adding to the database. Best to read for yourself

  5. I have found it pretty reliable — I still double check with the grocery store. Trader Joe’s has a GF shopping list and they can call right there for u and check any item

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