Questions about the Mag Protocol


Questions about the Mag Protocol:

1. It looks on the gotmag website that you get enough boron if you take “relyte or Anderson’s concentrated minerals” but I’ve seen here most people take an extra boron supplement or use it in baths. If I’m taking the concentrated minerals and taking a supplement am I taking too much?

2. Also, I know B6 is an important cofactor. Would a complex B supplement be okay? That’s all I have currently. I have been doing bee pollen, too, but that’s just b12.


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  1. 1. 3 to 9mg of elemental Boron a day as a cofactor of Magnesium. There are many threads on Borax as a source of Boron, perhaps read some of them, too.
    2. The recommendation is to get B6 via 1/2 tsp of bee pollen a day. Beef liver once a week for its B12.

  2. For boron i don't bother to make up a concentrate. Just a little chased by water suits me.

  3. Ashley that would be a no to the B complex, it will have all synthetic forms of b's in it, you could end up with b6 toxicity for example.

  4. If I cant have beef liver for b12, what can I do? I have horrible and wide ranging food sensitivities.

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