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I’ve been GF for three weeks now, and I’m starting to think there’s more to healing than just eating GF and letting my body do its thing… I gathered I should take vitamin D, and that bone broth is good… what other things should I do or take to get on a quicker path of healing? And how do I know if I should cut out oats or dairy too like some people do? So far I have seen no change in symptoms… and I’m worried I’m missing something … thanks in advance for your help! PS my no 1 symptom is neuropathy and a rumbling tummy…

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  1. Great questions,..following

  2. try a few days w/out oats, and see how you feel. Oats are a common issue, as is dairy, so you’ll have to try and isolate one or the other.

  3. Following

  4. It takes time. Do Whole Foods. Avoid packaged foods as much as possible. Probiotic foods help. kefir if you can do dairy. Kombucha. Did they check vitamin levels? Oats after 6 months or symptoms reduce. Some can. Some can’t.

  5. D3 makes a difference. I was taking it for about 6 weeks before I was tested (2000mg a day) and it was still low after the test but just barely. So I do 10,000 on Sunday day and 2,000 daily.

  6. Oats need to be gluten free. Vitamins can be a major source of hidden gluten. Celiac.org can help you navigate the hidden sources, you will be amazed. I had to cut out anything with wheat including vinegar. Cheese, yogurt, can have gluten. Many here have eliminated Dairy, I use Organic Butter, and costco has a really great Mozerrella that is Gluten Free. Comes in a package with 2 logs. that is the only dairy I can do. gluten is hidden in canned products, shampoo, fast food places use gluten in everything, the list is endless. for me, once all Gluten was out, healing began. but it took from Feb to June for big changes. Gluten stays in the body for upto 4 months my Dr. told me.

  7. Wishing you all the best.

  8. Cut grains possibly works for some

  9. I personally feel it helps to take turmeric and fish oil. It really helps with inflammation and or burning or regulating your body chemicals. I’ve learned it off of a guy who does Keto. And to be honest for me Keto and GF go together if you want to stay healthy and lose a little weight. Pretty much I got a wake up call when my friend said she’s been GF cause she’s not really healthy. So there’s lots of junk GF out there we have to be careful with! ?

  10. I have an appt on Monday for my biopsy results. I was diagnosed with celiac after endoscopy, after bloodwork was done my dr called first thing in rhe morning that it came back VERY HIGH. 252. Still alot to learn, but in the meantime is it safe to take iron pills, vitamin d, and vitamin b. I was on all these things before I got diagnosed. I also have something called H Pylori, and have to take tons of antibiotics and heartburn pills for like 12 weeks. It’s all so overwhelming! I guess with all the meds intake for the H P, I’m also nervous to mix in all the other vitamins I need…

  11. And I also take thyroid meds for graves, like how many pills can one possibly take a Day??

  12. Your TTGA needs to be below 10 before you should try oats. I believe that way your body is at baseline and healed. If you add the oats at that point and you start to feel unwell then you know what the culprit is. I just realized this week that oats are what I’m not tolerating, even if they say gluten free.

  13. Hello Elizabeth, Did you read the files to the left of the group??? I not sure about oats. As far as dairy, if you are dairy sensitive then leave all dairy alone. I think the best you can do is find out exactly what bothers U the most and stay away from it. Also, if your insurance covers it ask dr for testing for celiac. I eat a lot of plain white rice and it settles my stomach,at least every other day.

  14. see a functional doctor

  15. My rumbly tummy was from dairy.
    It’s not very hard to eliminate lactose from your diet. I’m using lactose free milk, cream cheese and margarine instead of butter.
    You don’t have to give up all cheeses, just soft ones like cottage cheese, Velveeta, American etc.
    Anything that has more than zero “sugars” listed in the nutrition info on the label. Lactose is the sugars in milk and milk products.
    Give it a try!

  16. Gelatin from grass fed bovine! Gelatin is a major gut healing food!

  17. After you have healed your gut, do some bloodwork to see if you are deficient in any areas, and change up diet first; supplement second. I was having my hands and feet go to sleep; bloodwork showed b12 deficient; supplements made that go away.

  18. First, it takes time. It could take 6 months or more. You are right to focus on what you can do to heal. Supplements like D3, fish oil, magnesium, etc. can help. Also, find a good probiotic. And, you can eat healthy too. Try to stick to mostly naturally gf foods and avoid all of the processed foods. Add some natural probiotic foods like yogurt, saurerkraut & other fermented foods. Keep a diary so that if you eat dairy or corn or oats, you can note your reaction to them. I have been gf for 17 years and just recently noticing that I might have a lactose issue. Listen to your body. Good luck to you.

  19. There is no quick path to healing. It takes most cuts longer than 3 weeks to heal and your intestines are no different. But you have to wait a few months because your immune system is still attacking your body. It takes 3-4 weeks for my immune system to stop if I am glutened and then the time to heal after that. Patience.

  20. If your D3 is low then your magnesium is low

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