Ranges for ferritin levels in males and females.


I want to ask about ranges for ferritin levels in males and females. Lab Corp sets a range of 30-400 for men and 15-150 for women. Morley, you say 20 or 30-50 is Optimal. But why is there such a difference in the high range level from 400 in men and 150 in women? As you are aware, my 352 level is high but within range per LabCorp, but way over optimal and I get it and am working on it. My wife did the test as well and her ferritin level was 179 and high as above the female range of 15-150. The question is in females, do you set a lower optimal range for females than males?

And on another note, I just finished reading Dumping Iron by P D Mangan, very good at putting in layman’s terms what many of us are dealing with. Today I started the book The Iron Elephant by Roberta Crawford. I am 20 % thru is, but very informative and more detailed even though it is 20+ years older than Dumping iron. One thing I want to make very clear here. This Iron Overload is much more serious than I thought, especially if your ferritin is very high. This is not something to play with. When you said it was at the root of most D-isease, this book by Crawford really confirms how serious this issue can be. And it doesn’t matter your age. I highly recommend these books to get a better picture of what this iron overload really means for your life. Don’t think of iron overload as a minor inconvenience.

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  1. Off-topic: how long after you had a blood draw did you retest Ferritin? As you know I donated blood yesterday. My Ferritin was 73 and donated primarily to understand the process others here go through. My Hemoglobin as 13.8 and I understand that's pretty decent.

  2. Yes your hemoglobin is good, but if it was near 10 or so, whatever that level is, they would not let you donate, they check it every time here in FL, but they clip a thing on your finger for a few seconds and it's done. 73 is not bad and if your donation today dropped ferritin to 43-23 area, your done. So you can check it with a new blood test about August 12th. I have not did a second blood test because Morley told me to do it two weeks after my second donation coming up in about a week. So I will do that and then get a blood test about a week after your scheduled time of Aug 12.

  3. Morley told me that optimal range for ferritin is 20-50 in both males and females.

  4. "But why is there such a difference in the high range level from 400 in men and 150 in women?" – I think it has to do with how reference ranges are determined in general (testing individuals who are thought to be healthy or "normal" population). Women tend to have lower levels of iron and ferritin thanks to monthly blood loss.

    With the optimal range of 20-50, I'd prefer to be in the 20's, although I don't mind my recent reading of about 8.

  5. Depends on a women's age too. My wife is 63 and her ferritin was 179 and High on the scale. % Sat at 34 and Cp was 27.5 and MagRBC was 6.5

  6. Yes, Alan, this Iron Overload is FAAAAAAR MORE serious & prevalent than we are "trained" to beLIEve it is.

    Convention has it S-D-R-A-W-K-C-A-B…

    A votre sante!

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