Rapid heart rate and tremors in the hands?


Quick question: how many of you have a rapid heart rate and tremors in your hands? I’m not anemic my hemoglobin was 13.6

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  1. Did they recently change your dose of synthroid? They did that to mine and I experienced the same thing. That's why they typically do it in small increments. Might want to ask your doc.

  2. That is symptoms of Graves Disease. Check ur meds.

  3. How fast is your heart rate?

  4. When I started Armour these symptoms disappeared.

  5. I do my husband thinks I make all my issues up… Or that's the way he makes me feel at times..

  6. My heart is 120 to 140 per min

  7. Mines about 80 to 90

  8. And my body temp is always below 97.9

  9. I just had a bone marrow biopsy and they checked it after. It was 69.

  10. I have a fast heart rate and was shaky until I quit caffeine. I am hashi but hyperthyroid

  11. My body temp is always about 1 degree below “normal”, my blood pressure is always low, and for at least a year my pulse rate has been high, like at least 110 resting high. I go in next week to the cardiologist for a repeats Echo and to wear a halter monitor for 24 hours.

  12. My rapid heart rate was super high for about two years. About 130-150 resting and finally went back to normal. That's when my tremors started too. At that time I worked with my hands and it was nearly impossible. So I was put on beta blockers. Now I can't work any more to this stupid disease and other autoimmune diseases. My body temp is always low too.

  13. On Armour & I'm high 100-118 but was in ER 3days ago 155 & climing "Not A Good Feeling"
    Have a heart check- up!! Mine is also heart related low body temp to!

  14. My 7 year old has Hashi's and her heart rate runs 120-125..keeps me on edge!!!

  15. Yes. Resting heart rate around 80 and definitely have tremors.

  16. Constant hand tremors,leading to unwanted attention and possible questions. Also,BAD heart palpitations and tightness in chest. The drama from Thyroid issues are like the gift that NEVER stops giving.

  17. My heart rate is always and has always been since I can remember been slow….Fitbit has my rest heart rate on average at 58 or 59. No tremors for me. Apparently, it's all I can do to get my blood pumping. ha!

  18. So my sons labs were normal and they took him off Synthroid. He has rapid heart rate and sometimes dizzy spells. When we check his blood pressure it ranges BP 153/95 Heart Rate 80-90. His Endo doc says that's ok… is this ok??

  19. Drs now a days,just make me wonder…….

  20. My rate was 100-120. I also had tremors. My levels showed that I have hyperthyroidism and Hashimotos.

  21. I'm on a beta blocker because of my elevated heart rate.

  22. Yes both! U might need your thyroid meds bumped up

  23. Always up and down!

  24. I take 375 of levo

  25. Terrible tremors and racing heart..

  26. Thank you everyone I should have blood work back today or tomorrow

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