Raynaud’s change with menopause?


Has anyone else had their Raynaud’s change with menopause? I haven’t had one episode of white fingers all winter. Instead my fingers and toes are burning like when they warm up from being cold. I’m having lots of hot flashes and I’m wondering if the hot flashes are causing the burning pain. I’ve asked several doctors about it and they just look puzzled and dismiss it (gp, menopause dr, neurologist). Nerve conduction study was normal, B12 fine, not diabetic, CBC good. Lots of emotional stress going on.

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  1. I am in menapause and still have the awful flare ups. Matter fact 3 toes were frost bit about 6 weeks ago while IN my house with heated slippers on.

  2. Menopause can be different woman to woman. Mine was crazy. I wouldn't be surprised if the changes you're seeing are related. Time will tell.

  3. I went through meno with a 2 week of LITE flashing..My rheumy kept my thyroid level in absolute check on 2.2. Every 6 week level. She was adamat that the raynauds and fibro are twins, evil tho they may be. For sure connected like a sibling. We have both scattered through our family. I was the 'FIRST TO COME OUT', basically cause I refused to not be dxed and to wait for it to go away.

  4. My mum had fibromyalgia but I don't know anyone else in my family with Raynaud's

  5. Can't answer that question as menopause stayed 2 weeks in transition for me. BUT yes I can have seasons where attacks are minimal. This has been the winter with the most. Inconsistent temp, called NICE WINTER.

  6. Have a look at erythromelalgia. Many people with EM also have raynauds. Very confusing and frustrating.

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