Re Hashimoto’s and Iron overload


Re Hashimoto’s and Iron overload

Below is my original post. My take away is tha Real Salt is fine. Thank you all for the feedback!!

I just learned (maybe relearned, brain fog) that Himalayan salt is not recommended for those with Hashimoto’s because the pink color comes from iron. This idea being that Hashimoto’s is a function of oxidative stress.

So first is this true?

Second, does Real salt have iron as well? I have been using real salt.

If real salt and Himalayan are not recommended, can you recommend a better choice?

I am soooo tired all the time. I could sleep all day.


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  1. Symptom of what? Autoimmune?

  2. I get mine from the health store in a bag. I can look up the name later for you!

  3. Adrenals and liver issues. Search the files here. There has been a lot discussed about it.

    Mt focus has been doing the stop/start list, adrenal cocktail, no enriched flour products and more.

  4. Yes please. Thanks!!

  5. For sure! All related, I agree! The Hashimotos group I'm in believes in those as well.
    They are following AIP which is no gluten, corn, soy abs others.

  6. Where'd you read this?

  7. What is this?

  8. The oxidative stress?

  9. What about oxidative stress?

  10. I was asking your source on the Himalayan salt being a no.

  11. I'll try to tag you.

  12. Thanks!
    My gut is that it'd be a trace amount in the salt. And if trace amounts are out for Hashis, then so are so many other things!!!

  13. Ray Peat says it's not good because of iron and other stuff

  14. Cant tag. Its s post by Lindsey Aldridge re adrenal coctail. It's in the discussion.

  15. I found it. Attaching some research about it. The amount of iron is negligible, equal to a T of lentils.

    photo about magnesium

  16. So I have been using Real Salt. I thought that it was better than Himalayan salt. But it has a pink hue to it. Thinking maybe this is part of my exhaustion.

  17. I've found increases in energy from cutting out all gluten and dairy ( AIP) and adding in supplements. I'm supporting my liver with dandelion and milk thistle and addressing adrenals and hormones after detox.

  18. We use Himalayan and Celtic.

  19. Unless you are eating massive amounts (research says 76 t), you aren't getting too much iron from that.

  20. I was gluten and dairy free, lately been slacking. Need to get back on track.

  21. Thanks Emily Steffans !

  22. I would look to that first. Certainly try Celtic if it'll set your mind at ease!

  23. You're welcome! And if you want, check out AIP support and Hashimtos 411. Good, fact-based groups. Many of us are supporting adrenals and liver as well. These groups are based on the facet that it's not just a thyroid issue!

  24. Have you tried the adrenal cocktail?

  25. I was on Hashimoto's 411 but left. I like them a lot. But decided I was overwhelmed with all the groups I joined and all the info. So I left most all but this mag group. Maybe I need to rejoin.

  26. If iron oxide is supposed to be avoided then all oxides should be avoided including magnesium. And no one says magnesium oxide is bad for you.

  27. What is "Real Salt"? Is that a brand? It's all real, I'm confused. And for the folks who say it's not significant, some people are sensitive to tiny amounts. I was using Himalayan in the adrenal cocktail and had very bad malaise. I switched to sea salt and it's gone.

  28. My doctor said the pink salt was high in arsenic and recommended Real Salt.

  29. I'm at a loss here as well. I've read great things about Himalayan and then I've read about arsenic in this salt…now that can't be good.

  30. Just read Angela Stantons post on Himalayan salt, I'm going back to table salt.

  31. Table salt is very bad for you. If you're concerned about the extremely small amounts of iron in pink Himalayan salt, then use either Real Salt or grey salt. They're both excellent sources.

  32. Monika Courtney I don't think table salt is the answer. It is processed.

  33. There was an article recently posted in this group about pink Himalayan containing unsafe levels of lead, which is very concerning

  34. It's at the top of the feed, maybe you guys already saw it

  35. Ok. It's the lead they're concerned about.

  36. Be careful of everything you read. There are lots of bad information deliberately to put products down to promote other products. We use pink salt & real salt for 10 years now & have no health problems at all.

  37. I feel the same way Kathy trying to find the cause but just treat the effects …

  38. Emily I did the elimination diets for over 10 years I still have hashimotos

  39. we binned the pink salt…got uranium and radium on it…thatswhy i always feellt drunk hangover

  40. I wish — have super low iron and I use hymalian salt, – and it didn't raise. hmn

  41. It's been a while since I looked at best salt. So is sea salt the best salt? How does black salt & all the other salt rate, ones with sulphur etc?

  42. All salt is sea salt including refined table salt. If you have ever eaten at a Cracker Barrel Restaurant and noticed the sea salt on the table, you may have noticed how white it is. This indicates that it is a processed sea salt no different than regular table salt except maybe for any anti-caking agents it may or may not contain. What we are interested in is refined vs unrefined salt and not table salt vs sea salt.

  43. We're all different. I react badly to Himalayan salt. I have been using Real Salt and it makes me feel so much better. That's all I can go by. I do have extreme sulphur issues in products and foods. 3++ CBS gene mutations. Guessing it's all related.

  44. I also had high arsenic on my hair analysis. I wondered if it was from eating rice.

  45. I'm pretty sure I need more iron.

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