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Does anyone else experience intense anxiety with this disease. I had it worse in the beginning 7 years ago right before I was diagnosed. I had the attacks 24/7 they were scary and I wouldn’t wish them on my worst enemy, I would literally shake in my sleep. I still have them some nights but not everyday like I use to. I am on anti anxiety meds etc… I can go throughout the day and I am fine then some nights it just hits me. I get this overwhelming sense of doom and it scares me so much. The attacks will last for hours and I really can’t control them. I thought maybe the thyroid might start working up again at certain times of the day, and excrete extra hormone into the system. What are your thoughts? I am going to bring this question up with my endo and see what she thinks, thought I would ask here first. I sometimes wonder if it could be hypoglycemia. I tend to get these attacks a few hours after eating in the evening. I get cold, shaky and anxious. I have gone to the ER for these spells but when they test my sugar they say its a couple points over or sometimes within normal limits and nothing to worry about. My second question is anyone else experience reactive hypoglycemia with this disease?

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  1. Same thing here! I have major anxiety I don’t drive because of it or eat out cause of belly issues\nI have attacks all the time!! Was really bad for along time\nI’m on meds for it now but if I don’t take meds as soon as I get up I’ll start having them bad!! I even have break threw meds cause some times even with regular meds\n I still have them \nThe scare the living crap out 😢

  2. I’m not fully awake yet, so I hope this makes sense.. but yes, your Thyroid could definately be causing this! I battled horrible anxiety/panic for years. I never took any anxiety meds for it, just kind of battled through and searched for the ’cause’ of them. In the end, it wound up being my Thyroid. After mapping them, my doctor helped me realize that when I get like that my thyroid is swinging hyperthyroid.

  3. Snap with the anxiety part. Had it very very bad in the begining but it’s eased a little now thankfully. Can’t take the anti anxiety meds as I have become very sensitive to meds & get every side effect under the sun so I have to manage it by trying to calm myself & often have \

  4. Try some Natural Calm magnesium supplement? Good stuff!

  5. I went through this last year. I had to go to the emergency room several times because my heart rate would pound out of my chest and I’d hyperventilate and just go white all over. I’ve had so many tests run on me. I’m not sure what finally fixed the problem because my thyroid levels still aren’t in normal range, although improved since medication. the only thing I can think of is my Vitamin D now IS in normal range. I was very deficient in vitamin d back then, and I also had severe adrenal fatigue and wasn’t on medication for thyroid yet. The panic attacks and severe anxiety stopped, but I do still have generalized anxiety, I just don’t end up having full blown attacks anymore. This year, depression smacked me upside the head. My naturopath thinks that I’m strongly affected by the winter season, and she said many of her thyroid patients are. Make sure you’re checked out for vitamin deficiencies (especially vitamin D) and see how your adrenals are functioning. Panic attacks and high anxiety can be very stressing on the adrenals if they aren’t already shot.

  6. yes alot….it comes and goes…depending how much stress in your life i get panic attacks and insomnia

  7. Something Iam taking lately has helped the anxiety.. I am on the LDN 3mg. also started Iron pills which have helped alot and B12 pills under my tongue. I do alot of other supplements too … Nordic naturals fish oil has helped..

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