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Hi ya’ll. I’m so new to all this. My plan was to continue to browse through info online and this site and see if I could figure some things out. I had an appointment for my son late into September, but it got moved because of a cancellation , and is now this coming Thursday. EEEEK! So, now I have 2 days. I can’t pass the appointment up , so I was hoping you all would volunteer some info to help me on what to do/ask/implement.

My son is 8 years old and recently diagnosed with tourettes. The Dr. he was seeing at time of dx is an idiot, so I switched him back to his old Dr. She wants to take over his care and I’m fine with that, and has assured me she’ll do whatever she can for him considering I don’t want medication, and am focusing on supplements/diet changes/therapies . I told her one of the things I wanted done was a magnesium level check. She assured me they could do that. I thought i saw something saying you can’t just check blood-what else can/should she check to get an accurate level for him? Is there another level I should bring up for her to check?

We currently do epsom bath’s 2x weekly, and 7 sprays of mag oil on his feet nightly. I’m sure that’s helped him some but would love to know better ways to help give him mag, and also help it be absorbed because although I keep running into different/conflicting information, I know somehow it’s important to make sure you have enough of A, B and C to make D work. Any help with that info would be greatly appreciated.

Furthermore , anyone who’s dealt with tourettes or has any input to toss in, I’d appreciate any help or leads.

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  1. I was told that only 1% of the magnesium in your body is in your blood. That is why the blood test isn't effective. My level in my blood was fine for years, but as soon as I started taking Natural Calm regularly, my heart palpitations, irreg heart beat, constipation and anxiety all seemed to go away ( for the most part) this was after five years of medical tests and Prescription melds that only sort of worked. My PCP actually apologized to me when I told her about supplementing with magnesium and it working.

  2. What you want is the Magnesium RBC test. Better to ask for this panel of tests as it will provide much more information.

  3. Implement the full Magnesium protocol with cofactors and the adrenal cocktail. There is a Quick Reference Guide in Files that can be helpful.

  4. My son also has TS. Do not give him natural calm or anything containing citrate. Also, don't let the doctor talk you into supplementing with vitamin D3…a big NO NO. It will rise naturally with the help of the magnesium. My son is 9. We do several types of magnesium along with the protocol (super duper important). He also does a detox to rid his body of the heavy metals which were found in his HTMA test. He also does CBD oil, flax seed oil capsule for his omega 3&6, probiotic and of course, B-complex (which is part of mag protocol). His doctor also switched him to a gluten free, dairy free, soy free and corn free diet. He attention, focus and tics are so much better, it's amazing.

  5. Allison Lynn Gee – read Lisa's post above ^^^.

  6. Inositol x Natural Depression & Anxiety cures

  7. Magnesium Taurate at bed time, Mag Threonate to wake up on! especially during formative years, and Topically for immediate relief ,,,(Search the first two suggestions in your leisure)

  8. Apart from all the good advice on diet – Cognitive Behaviour Therapy can be helpful. Both w Tourette's & w the anxiety / obsessions that sometimes accompany it.

  9. If you can i would ask for a strep test too did the tourettes come on all of a suden?

  10. I was investigating Tourettes a few years back and I seem to recall that zinc deficiency was involved. Perhaps you would want to look into that.

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