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in 6 days I’ll be flying to the US and Canada for the first time since my diagnosis in November.

After reading a bit, I’m scared. Also because I’m still in the healing process and an accident will ruin my body for 1-4 days. Eating out is not an option.

Few questions, no need to answer all of them at once:
1. Recommendations for a gluten free energy drink that is available in most places?
2. Are fruit juices and smoothies usually safe?
3. If spomething is labeled gluten free, can I 100% rely on that information?

(where I live gluten always needs to be labeled, so you can know for sure what is in there by just reading ingredients)

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  1. In Canada, they are legally obligated to list gluten if it’s an ingredient used. However, they’re under no legal obligation to list if there’s a risk of cross-contamination. Where will you be traveling to in Canada? There are many gluten-free/celiac safe restaurants to eat at. I’m not a risk taker so I always call restaurants ahead of going and ask to speak to the chef. If they’re defensive, I skip it. If they’re too relaxed about their confidence in handling gf food prep, I skip it. There’s a tone you learn to recognise as earnest and truly consciencious and concerned for safety.

  2. I’m not sure if this helps concerning energy drinks:

  3. In the USA, you can’t rely on the gluten free label. There are about 30 products that are mislabeled GF that violate the laws. You have to know your products

  4. I would double check all smoothies. I glutened myself two days in a row bc I couldn’t fathom wheat would be in one… well there was wheat germ in it. Apparently it’s in a lot of protein powders.

  5. I know you said you do not want to eat out however depending upon where exactly you are traveling you may be surprised to see that there are 100% gf restaurants in that area (we have a couple where I live).

  6. Red Bull is Gluten Free.

  7. I have learned to look carefully because some products says gluten free but maybe aren’t. I look for one of the Certified Gluten Free symbols if buying packaged food.

  8. Fayona Zoe, I search products on quite a bit while shopping, and I recommend it.

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