Recovery and management of this disease?


This is a “what if” question. A bit personal but I’m having a hard time deciding what to do.

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s a month ago. I have had so much fatigue and a long term 6 year chronic candida problem.

I’m currently working a job that pays me well but has long hours 11 hour work day on my feet, very physically and mentally taxing. Plus an hour commute to and from so roughly 13-14 hour day. 55hrs of work per week (8:15am-7pm). It leaves me exhausted but I stay because of the family and the money.

I have the opportunity to leave for another job that would be a pay cut. Livable salary but less than I’m getting now. However, I would be working 35-40 hours a week 2pm-7pm) and it would be a slower pace job. More time to sit and take care of myself.

I just turned 33 and want to start trying to have a baby in about 2 years. Because of the hashi’s I know it’s really important to be in good health. I’m stuck trying to decide if I can do this for one or two more years to save the money to start a family. Possibly costing me my health. Or should I leave, not save as much money, but have the time to care for myself and reduce mental and physical stress. Is an 11 hour work day going to impede on my recovery and management of this disease?

I already went onto the auto-immune paleo diet the day after I found out. Feeling much better but know it requires more to get well.

Since you all know what it feels like to have Hashi’s and many of you have had it for years I want to know your thoughts on pros and cons.

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  1. I would go to the less hours job because eventually the other job is going to put you on your butt!

  2. Health over money for me. It nearly killed me 65 hour plus weeks. For over a decade. I left for way less money and never regretted it. Life is so much better w/o the stress and weekends feeling so wrecked and tired.

  3. Take the new job.

  4. Take the new job. You want to continue the journey of recovery to its fullest before beginning on the next chapter of your your life which will include some exciting, but stressful times as well. Take this time to take care of you now that you know what is going on and have a plan – this healing is a very slow process.

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