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So I finally have an appointment for my endoscopy. I’m wondering how much recovery time I will need after I wake up from it, I understand the anesthetic can make you very woozy.
Getting back home won’t be an issue but I have university early in the morning, and my endoscopy is at 6pm, will that be adequate recovery time?

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  1. i was fine within an hour of leaving – but that was after 45 minutes or so in recovery from the anesthesia.

  2. My daughter (age 11 at the time) had her endoscopy about 18 months ago at 10am…she came home, had lunch, took a nap and was good to go to school the next day…best of luck!

  3. Took me all day. I was foggy and fatigued, took a couple naps through the day, then had a headache in the evening. Woke up the next day totally fine though.

  4. You are foggy so can’t drive. Otherwise no problem. You can ask for light sedation. They used to do these with no sedation

  5. I was tired when I woke up but fine within an hour or so.

  6. I felt fine the entire time but apparently by the time I left I told the doctor I was in love with him, told my mom my grandmothers dating again, and complaining that my skin was white (the blanket) so…

  7. I felt a bit woozy the during the day after the endoscopy however after sleeping and eating breakfast I woke up feeling back to my normal self so hopefully sleeping will help you feel back to normal

  8. I had mine at 4pm and was still wobbly the next day x

  9. It completely depends on what they sedate you with. If they use propofol you will be fine immediately.

  10. I had mine at 12:00 today. I was a little woozy, took a nap and feeling good by 5. Throat is a little sore and head ache, but that’s it.

  11. Depends on the anesthesia they use. Usually it’s a twilight sleep so you refer fairly quickly. I can’t have twilight so they put me under general anesthesia.

  12. I think it took me a few hours to sleep it off.

  13. Awoke from surgery and helped out to car by husband and nurse half an hour later. Bounced back quickly. No nap. Continued life as usual.

  14. Everyone is different but mine was very easy. Less then an hour

  15. ok – question about the Endoscopy – my dr said I didn’t need one since my blood test came back negative. I still feel awful and have lots of bad side effects from gluten???? Do I have the test or not??

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