Red Blood Count Magnesium Count blood test?


How many here have done a Red Blood Count Magnesium Count blood test? I had one done after reading Magnesium Miracle – author Dr Carolyn Dean says normal levels should be as far up as 6.5 (see below). My doc said mine is normal at 2.1? Confused!

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  1. What are the units of measure of your Mag RBC blood test?

  2. Good question…they just told me that my 2.1 was in normal range.

  3. Mine was done 2 weeks ago. 6.5!!!!

  4. My doctor told me I was the only patient she has had that has asked for the Mag RBC test. Doesn't really want to test me.

  5. I don't get why dr's are Agsinst it? Is it more involved than just a blood test?

  6. It's a simple blood test. She just was annoyed that I pushed for it and none of her other patients have. My D is also very low, at 10.

  7. I had visited a dr. 6 years ago and asked for a CRP test. He asked why I wanted it. I said I understand it was a measure of inflammation. He said, well if you want I can order it. I said yes please. Ended up it was low so no issue. Maybe doctors need a reason to get a specific test done. Legal wise they may need to consider. The other is Control.

  8. Mine is 2.7 low

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