Relief with magnesium and other supplements?


I have a doctor appt next week & im going to see if I can stop taking Lyrica for fibromyalgia pain. Question: has anyone else found relief thru magnesium and other supplements? I’m just starting to discover magnesium and so far I’m using mag-a-hol only & will start supplements as soon as I can decide which mag to buy.

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  1. Jennifer what it can do is give you a pain free space to build up health and live a little.

  2. Look into healing your gut. Leaky gut is present in all autoimmune diseases. The problem is in your gut.

  3. Thanks guys! I'll ask my dr about it.

  4. I have recently learned that Fibro is often mis-diagnosed when patients actually have hyperparathyroidism (explained at parathyroid dot com). That was me. I had surgery to remove the bad parathyroid glands and have no more symptoms of FMS. Doctors are quite uneducated about this so my recommendation for anyone given a diagnosis of FMS (and also kidney stones or osteoporosis actually), is to request serum calcium and PTH blood tests to rule out hyperparathyroidism.

  5. Fibro can also mean LYME!

  6. Yes, hyperparathyroidism, lyme disease, hypothyroidism — many symptoms are so similar

  7. Paige and Eva, that's why I said many people do benefit from it, but some experience anxiety. Everyone is different and will react to medications differently. Here is the official list of possible side effects: I am not posting this to discourage anyone who needs it from taking it or as a criticism for anyone who already takes it. It is just information.

  8. Kim this is for 50mg Naltrexone, which is completely different than LOW dose naltrexone of 1.5mg to 4.5mg

  9. Kim Tracey Konash that isn't correct. That is for Naltrexone NOT Low Dose Naltrexone. The smaller doses have a completely different effect and no side effects (save the odd insomnia).

  10. Ionic sulfur with the Mg. research sulfur deficiency in fibro. The best thing I every did

  11. Eva and Miranda, the possibility of this side effect still exists, regardless of dose. But since you raised dosage as an issue, check this document: search "anxiety

  12. Hi Jennifer I was on Cymbalta for two years. For my Fibro.
    Best thing I ever did was get off it and went 95% Paleo, gluten and lactose. Free!
    Pretty much pain free most days.. But

  13. Fatigue is still an issue.
    Just new to magnesium so hoping that's going to fix that up!
    Fingers crossed!
    Diet plays a huge role in my Fibro.
    I'm nightshade free too!

  14. The key to any effectiveness with LDN is getting dosage right – too high or too low and it may not be as effective for you. LDN Research Trust – Low Dose Naltrexone amd GOT ENDORPHINS? LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone) have more info.

  15. Not only getting the dose right, but also taking it within the window of time for it to blockade endorphin release…. between 10pm and 2am

  16. Dosage can be an issue, but it isn't always. There is no such thing as a medication that everyone can tolerate without side effects or is appropriate for everyone. We are all individuals. It isn't like most other medications, though; it doesn't just cover symptoms. So for most people who need it and can take it, it's a much better choice than narcotics or other meds that merely cover symptoms.

  17. Magnesium potentiates low dose opiates.

  18. turmeric

  19. Priyanka Bansal

  20. Steven Offord – low dose Naltrexone IS NOT and opioid. In the full dose, it blocks opioids.

  21. One other problem with morphine in particular, Steven, is that it blocks DAO, which breaks down histamine in the gut. That can be a big problem for someone already dealing with pain and inflammation.

  22. OK. I was put on lyrica for neuropathic pain from Trigeminal Trophic syndrome but even at the lowest therapeutic dose it rendered me an incapacitated Zombi incapable of taking care of myself so I packed it I after 3 weeks. Now I keep some codeine around in reserve for when pain ocasionaly gets to much and was glad to find that the magnesium would enhance even a low dose ( codeine converts to morphine when consumed).

  23. Sorry, undefined unfamiliar initials for things mean nothing. What is DAO ? Histamine produced in tissues other than the gut. Yes it's part of the inflammatory cascade. It's function is to facilitate access of macrophage cells to ingest pathogens or damaged tissue. I have a lot Of damaged tissue as a consequence of my condition and some busy little macrophages.

  24. I like a lot of things that Doctor Mercola stands for, but I had to stop reading much from his site. I get overwhelmed and feel like everything I do or eat is not good enough or killing me. ;). Doctor Mercola is not at all a fan of drugs, but he is a huge fan of low dose naltrexone. That shocked me and it gave me peace that maybe it was OK to take!

    It took me a while to get up the courage to take it. I have been struggling with a number of different health and probably hormone related issues since having my fourth baby six months ago. I kid you not — I took my first dose (1.5 mg) before bed one night and was so nervous, but I woke up in a much better mood! I started two weeks ago and have slept well and woken up at peace every morning since. My energy and outlook on life is so much better, too. Here's the article from Mercola, if you're interested:

  25. That's great Anna. I also find same: energy, mood & joint pain much better.

  26. yes, I have OA, RA, PPS (Post polio sequelae) and have been med free for 15 years. (tried them for a very short time 16 years ago and found they did not really do anything and made me feel like a zombie) I started juicing, once a day, added aerobic oxygen and magnesium. still have everything lol, but I function quite well.

  27. I'm taking turmeric in the form of golden paste and have been able to come off Tramadol,Naproxen,co-codamol and Nortriptyline.ive very little pain,much more mobile and sleeping well. I have Fibro (12 years) IBS and advanced osteoarthritis. I suggest joining turmeric users group UK .

  28. I think fibromyalgia is probably an exclusion diagnosis when they don't know why you're hurting. So what helped me might not work for you. But I consider myself cured and what did it was daily swimming & switching to a lower carb diet. That was 10-15 years ago.

  29. Elizabeth – I'm really glad you have found what works for you but (Unless misdiagnosed )Fibro is a specific neurological disorder within which you can have remissions and flares but I've never heard of it being " cured"

  30. Well, I realise this which is why I tried to be careful in the way I phrased my comment but I was diagnosed as having it by one of the UK's top rheumatologists and I simply don't have it any more. The last flare up was 10 years ago during pregnancy. Occasionally I have a twinge and wonder if that's it returning but the characteristic pain has not returned. So who knows.

  31. Dietary changes got rid of the pain (gluten, dairy, corn, soy free, low grain)…the fatigue has been harder and currently trying to kick it with another radical dietary shift.

  32. Magnesium has definitely helped my Fibro, I was given Lyrica, Gabapentin, Amiltriptyline or ( I'm a trampoline as we call it here), within 3 weeks of taking Magnesium Malate (best type for Fibro pain), and supporting nutrients,the pain was lessoning. I went in a year to writing my will, I felt that bad, to being able to look to a future again. I'm still in pain, but I will take this level of pain any day over what I had back then. It will be a big learning curve for you, but you will get all the support you need here.

  33. I have other medical issues as well, like arthritis, but I'm getting good results from Omega 3's.

  34. Elizabeth Price I too feel amazingly better but have a really low pain threshold which doesn't change. If I'm not really careful with a vigilant diet and vitamin routine I find the pain tries to sneak back up on me. What about you?

  35. I currently eat mainly Wapf-style, gf, raw dairy, lots of fermented food and drink etc 10+ years ago, when the pain was bad, I coincidentally switched to Atkins diet (a while back) to lose baby weight. Swimming + Low carb sorted me out then. But in the interim I wasn't always careful, I had a m/c and another pregnancy and I'm sure my minerals were totally shot (my hair started falling out) but no recurrence of pain or brain fog or tenderness. I eat the way I do now as a result of changing family diet to try to help my sons' asthma & borderline ADD. It's odd…

  36. Yes try Natural Calm it is very good take it before bed it works ! Makes you sleep as well which we all start having issues with in our 40s !

  37. LDN actually improves the moods of many people. Sometimes when starting LDN you can have some emotional side effects (like I did), but they go away within 10 days. I usually have 2-3 emotional days when I increase, then I'm good to go. Love LDN

  38. Kevin McDaniels, naltrexone

  39. Specifically, low dose Naltrexone.

  40. Going on a low fat raw vegan diet helped me the most with pain. The pain was gone within a month. Fibro and CFS is usually pathogens (bacteria, viruses, parasites, mycoplasma)

  41. Audrey- I'd be interested to know where you got your information from re; Fibro and CFS is caused by pathogens ?

  42. Hi Audrey, I am vegetarian and I have also heard that pathogens can be a reason. Another thing that my doctor says is thay this is a nervous and brain miscommunication. Can you share a bit about what all do you eat in your diet? I will try the raw vegan diet. What is your perspective on gluten?

  43. Naomi, there is much information connecting fibromyalgia/CFS to pathogens and also toxins (i.e., mercury). Fibromyalgia is really a name for a set of symtpoms, and one of the major diagnostic criteria is pain at certain trigger points. There have been people who were diganosed with fibro who have later been positively diagnosed with Lyme Disease, Epstein Barr, mold/mycotoxins, etc., and in this study: 100% of fibromyalgia participants tested positive for SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth). What you have to remember is that even things like "a miscommunication between the brain and nervous system" can be a symptom – the result of pathogen or toxin destruction or deficiency(ies) that result from either. I encourage you to do some more research on this topic…and maybe look into some alternative testing.

  44. Thank- you Kim I will do. I've had Fibro for 12 years and have researched it a lot during that time. I have been able to get off all my meds by taking Golden Paste and magnesium but I've never heard this theory before. I'll look into it

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