Requesting assistance with early macular degeneration


Requesting assistance with early macular degeneration. My Dr. wants me to take a commercial vitamin product which she says is targeted to support my eyes. But I know that it is full of synthetic vitamins.

I take tons of Magnesium in many forms, so I feel way ahead of the curve with this…but what else would you recommend in the antioxidant realm?
Many thanks!

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  1. Wholefood vitamin C I believe is extremely beneficial for macular degeneration. Couple with Beta-carotene (wholefood)- the combination of the wholefood antioxidants work together, better than either by itself.

  2. Our, Grown By Nature, Antioxidant has beta-carotene, vitamins C and E, Selenium, zinc, and Co-Q10, all in organic wholefood form together

  3. My answer is not in the supplement area but I would suggest that you try a series of acupuncture treatments, Phyll.

  4. Cayno is needed for eyes…is that what she recommended?

  5. essiac 8 herb tea does wonders for eyes…………

  6. DHA in the form of low mercury fish, and one of the most important things: get rid of all sources of artificial blue light, which is highly pro-inflammatory and damaging to the eyes ….. i cover all of my tv and pc screens with red rubylith film that astronomers use to preserve night vision ($5 on Amazon)….. also get red-only bulbs for all night-time lighting needs ….. then measure all this with a specrometer to make sure you're only getting red light emitted from all of this (they have cheap spectrometer apps now for smart-phones)…… artificial blue light is a HUGE factor

  7. This is a commercial product: But they're healthy supplements THREE nutrients for healthy eyes…

    There are three nutrients with impressive scientific evidence they support the overall health of your eyes:
    The ideal amount

    Lutein…………………………….20 mg
    Astaxanthin………………………4 mg
    Zeaxanthin……………………….4 mg

  8. What is that product, Edna? It looks good.
    The product that the Drs. strongly recommend is 'Preservision.' It is by Baush and Lomb. Clearly, I would not take that.
    I don't know what Cayno is, Teddie Miller.
    I am going to read up on Essaic tea.
    Bill Syrjala- your comment was so right on. So grateful that I can really do some protective things regarding light. Thank you!

  9. I would like to know the name of the product as well Edna Lorenzo

  10. Have you considered Diatomacious Earth..?

  11. Verna, I never would have considered DE. I certainly have a ton of it around. How would it help the eyes?

  12. Well I'm not sure how it helps any condition it helps,,and you have to be patient,,but I have a raised place right by my Iris that has almost disappeared since I've been taking DE,,,You never know what and how DE is going to help all the things it helps!!

  13. I looked up different vitamins when an eye doctor told my father that and he took them and his last visit was free from any signs of it.

  14. Nrf2 activator. Better to make antioxidants rather than take them.

  15. Please read this article by Morley .

  16. Hi! I just wanted to share that there is a product called Promag 300, it's a transdermal magnesium. To supplement your body with Magnesium using Promag 300 you can use it as
    – Facial Mask (removes acne, skin problems, wrinkles etc.)
    – Foot Soaking (the ideal way to use Promag300)
    – Deodorant
    – mix with toothpaste (for healthy teeth and gums, removes bad breath etc)
    – mix with shampoo (prevent hair loss etc)
    – hot bath
    – can also be use for your pet (removes odor, become more healthy)

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