Restless legs syndrome and can barely sleep at night


My grandmother, soon 95, has restless legs syndrome and can barely sleep at night. So we’re trying magnesium now since the weekend. If it were to work for her legs how many days would you say she would need to notice a difference?

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  1. Adele Carter Newton i remember rod said hes taken magnesium for same thing. Maybe u could answer this question?

  2. I would add some B12 as well. Restless legs can be a symptom of B12 deficiency.

  3. How much of what type of Magnesium is she taking? Is it being applied to her legs?

  4. Two minutes using topical application

  5. Have you tried a magnesium lotion?!? A client of mine used my butter with restless legs during her pregnancy and noticed a difference straight away….

  6. Bless your gran,

    To reach such an age and suffer this is sad.

    She may cope better with ionic ( liquid minerals/magnesium ) on her gut.

    Is her Dr open to running labs?

    She may benefit from some Rositas codliver oil, Andersons liquid minerals and some home made broths with added Celtic salt. Also keep up the magnesium oil spray and possibly foot baths in magnesium chloride salt ️

  7. Soak works,foot soak or bath for half [email protected] helped my friend 1st time,very preggo and slept for 9hrs;or rub Mag oil/lotion on
    her legs,if itchy,rub over with coconut oil.

  8. Restless leg is it dopamine deficiency and requires tyrosine, B6 etc.

  9. Put a bar of lavender soap at the foot of her bed as well. And every few weeks you can grate the soap to freshen it up.

  10. Mustard….I have restless leg syndrome and I take a spoonful of mustard and it goes right away. It's worked for me and I passed it on to a friend and it helped her also.

  11. I have had rls for most of my life. Potassium as helped tremendously!

  12. At age 95, many people have issues with low potassium, so giving her magnesium may lower potassium even more. And in the elderly it can be a serious problem. So I would implement the protocol to raise Cp and if increasing magnesium, make sure to increase potassium to avoid other low potassium issues. And sodium is needed when adding potassium. The calcium could be high, but without testing via HTMA, you don't know for sure. Mag and K2 help with getting Ca stored in the bones.

  13. My leg cramps didn't stop until I really upped my potassium. Black strap molasses was convenient to use and about 700 mg potassium per Tbsp I haven't had to think about leg cramps now for months. Also on Mag and CO factors

  14. Are you doing the full protocol and adding the other supplements? Make some liver for B12.

  15. Low iron causes restless leg.

  16. My grandma feels so much better when she includes potassium sources, like coconut water and ACV.

  17. I tried everything for restless legs. The only thing that helped me was putting mag-a-hol on them. This was a suggestion from this group. There is a picture with the recipe in the files. Have to put it on legs before bed.

  18. Where do you get Mg butter or did you make? Thanks. I also was diagnosed with RLS. I tried RX but did not do well on it & that was years ago.

  19. Mag-Oil worked for me.

  20. I'm 76 and started taking it in tablet form and it has worked every night since I started. Mine are really bad cramps and jerking. I complained to at least 6 doctors but they don't even listen. So I tried mag on my own. Probably not what the experts would suggest but it's working and I'm sleeping!!

  21. I really hope your grandmother gets some relief. I know how these make you feel.

  22. My restless legs cleared within a week of taking 400 mg magnesium glycinate every night

  23. Anyway I hope they will help her

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  25. If she isn't get much sleep, but also they call it restless legs but all I could read on it never mentioned sever pain….they put me on pain medication,.. no reason to let her suffer…..I'v had sever leg pain for years…..

  26. If she is on meds for high cholesterol that can cause rls. My husband had to change cholesterol meds several times until he found one that didnt cause it. may need to check her medicines first.

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