Results of colonoscopy biopsy: Celiac Sprue


Just got a phone call from my Gastroenterologist. Results of colonoscopy biopsy: Celiac Sprue. Starting a gluten free diet Headed out to our volunteer job for the day. Had to unpack everything from my lunch and that left only fruit.

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  1. I'm sorry…it will be quite an adjustment

  2. So sorry!

  3. You will figure it out and feel so much better. Hang in there!

    One tip, Dr Davis of Wheat Belly fame has a book called Undoctored. If you are of an analytical mind, it has tons of good info and the why of each. It is the result of new things learned since his previous books.

  4. Awww don't be upset! It'll be a good change, you'll feel better!

  5. You have Celiac, and also an allergy? They are 2 different things

  6. You will be fine, just need to adjust what you eat! Done it for 4 years now and the improvement to my health keeps me on the straight and narrow. Feel free to PM with questions about what you need to buy and best brands!
    To your Good Health️

  7. celebrate what you can eat. You can do this!!

  8. You WILL feel better.

  9. Find some safe bars, jerky sticks, etc. to keep in your purse and car for just in case times. My go-to bars are KIND breakfast bars (blueberry/almond) but you may have more to choose from since I cannot have dairy, peanut, soy, or chocolate.

  10. This native Oregonian is waving hi all the way from Arkansas. I can't believe that I have never heard of Saint Paul, Oregon. It is even close to where I attended a family wedding last year.

  11. A little overwhelming at first, but you can do it

  12. Yep having my in morning

  13. Go to see a naturopath xx you'll feel much better when you make the adjustment

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