Rheumotologist told me that it is in connection with my Raynaud’s


Question for anyone that can help! About two weeks ago I received my results back and tested negative for Lupus, RA, Scleroderma, Sjorgen. However, on a daily basis my right hand in the morning swells up and it goes away after an hour. My rheumotologist told me that it is in connection with my Raynaud’s. Has anyone experience swelling in their hands or finger as it were fluid retention?

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  1. Yeah especially if I had a raynaud flare the day before. I wake up almost every day and my hands are swollen.

  2. My right hand and right foot otfen swells up. Same hand and foot are always colder than my left side. No one can explain why, and I have this problem with and without fluid retention pills.

  3. glad to know I'm not the only one with the same issue. and its always my right side never my left

  4. I have it with both hands or sometimes just one.

  5. gotcha…wish I knew why it swells up 🙁

  6. i've had that in my hand and also a finger sometimes.

  7. my thumb and index for me….sometimes I would get joint pain as well :/

  8. me too maria. i also have OA and some fluid in my right wrist because i broke it 8 years ago.

  9. Pre-attack, to post attack, should see those rings slide right off my fingers!

  10. My hands are either swollen or really swollen !!

  11. has anyone's doctor told them a reason why it swells?

  12. Always have fluid retention after an attack.

  13. my wedding ring too, joyce.

  14. no wonder, rick!

  15. Yes I swell a lot in the mornings especially after my 4mi morning walks. Then about your after walks I potty lot and swelling subsides

  16. great to know…I have to find a way to stay warmer throughout the days to lessen the attacks…its harder when living in Chicago 🙁

  17. Yes it happens.

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