Ridges in my fingernails indicative of


What are these ridges in my fingernails indicative of? I only have them on my thumbs n



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  1. I had these ridges on all of my nails they just went upward and vanished.

  2. Mine have been there for as long as I can remember and they don't move!

  3. I trust this group more than I trust Google. Isn't this some kind of mineral deficiency?

  4. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beau%27s_lines

    I have them after wd from benzodiazepines over 15 mo. So I suppose they can come from all types of things. But thats what they're called ♡

  5. That is Not my nail btw 😉

  6. I attributed mine to texting, but really don't know…mine are also only on my thurmbs.

  7. I'm leaning towards low magnesium/zinc/B vitamins, but if you have fungus/bacteria overgrowth they'll block some absorption.
    Everybody needs more magnesium from what I understand.

  8. I have them too right now. I thinks its Beaus lines. I was quite ill in early January with an infection that needed a lot of antibiotics. My nails have recorded its impact on my body.

  9. I've got them but I've got RA they are normal for ppl with RA .

  10. Malabsorption of nutrients.Indicates stops in growth due to poor health.Work on minerals yes,and all the vitamins, digestive enzymes,minerals, probiotics and fermented foods,and liver detox..that's what I did along with getting my thyroid and D levels optimum.My info about the nail dips came from a program about a mummy found in the English Boggs.I had seen many references to nails in prior but none explaining the dips until the anthropologists mentioned it

  11. What vitamins/minerals are you currently taking?

  12. It can signify a severe illness or physical trauma, when your nails stopped growing briefly, because your body was putting all of its energy into survival. I had that happen to my thumbnails after I had heart surgery. But then again, I have one of those ridges growing off of one fingernail right now, and there has been no trauma. The new one is on the middle finger of my right hand — just that one finger. I have no idea why I got this ridge, this time.

  13. I always thought mine came from picking at my cuticles. I get them often.

  14. I've gotten occasional ridges in my thumb nails since I was little. Not very often, but anyways…. Much like a horses hoof, as the nail grows out, any damages while the nail was growing, or nutritional changes, can create a change in the nail…. Nail quality or damage to it. There may be other aspects, but that's what fits my rare situation.

  15. I have a couple. I am deficient in many things. Iron, magnesium, vitamin d, pregnolone, carnitine and b12 just took a 400 point dive. Yes, I'm a mess, lol.

  16. Eczema gives them to me, but only if I let it get out of control.

  17. Hope, why do you think you are deficient in D? Have you read this groups file section on D?

  18. You had a major illness or health scare some months ago!

  19. They're injuries

  20. I don't really know. I'm trying to figure it all out. Just started going to an integrative dr. There's obviously some malabsorption issue underlying because I'm not able to absorb properly. I'm taking digestive enzymes and l glutamine. I just started trying to really b aggressive about my health because the absorption is getting worse and really affecting my quality of life. Leaky gut, candida, probable inflammation from hashimotos, I have a MTHFR mutation. I don't know. Very overwhelming.

  21. Sorry, not meaning to make this abt me! Just thought it could b underlying deficiencies because I have the ridges, also.

  22. Hope but what testing did you do that makes you feel your vitamin D def? Did u get properly tested?

  23. Oh, sorry. I misunderstood your question. I'm just going off a vitamin d-25 hydroxy level.

  24. I know i need better testing in that area. I don't supplement d nor was I advocating that. Don't hurt me. Ack!

  25. As long as u know that most ppl who think they are D deficient are not properly tested and more likely that they are D deficient. As long as you know…

  26. I believe it means a few months back you had the flu or some kind of sickness. I get a ridge like that on my thumbnails every so often, and have looked them up online. If you think back to the time that that ridge would have been at your cuticle (everyone's nails grow at their own rate) you may remember being ill back then. I buff mine out now when I get one.

  27. The l glutamine, thats what I forgot to mention.. Hope Gaul Maraday, sometimes we help each other by talking.

  28. I have that too and judge it was about the time of great personal stress, I also lost a TON of hair, thankfully it's growing back in but I know look like I ha email a growing out crew cut under the long hair that's left so I constantly look like I have been in a wind storm haha

  29. Since I got really sick from mold and have Lupus and autoimmune all of my nails have look and feel like a washboard, and I have no visible half moons left. I was told it means my body isn't absorbing the nutrients right.

  30. I get them really bad. When I was on a high dose of dessicated thyroid they went away. Now that I've dropped my dosage they've come back. SO my guess is thyroid.

  31. My nail grew crooked with ridges starting 2 years ago. No idea why.

  32. Horizontal lines like that indicate a systemic infection. When I had candida overgrowth I had those. And when I say overgrowth I mean I may as well of had mushrooms coming out my ears! My dr called me a hot mess.. not even exaggerated those were his words. The vertical lines indicate a deficiency. Commonly iron but it could be others. I see you only had one line. That means you had the infection a number of weeks ago. Count up from bottom of nail in mm.. 2 mm equals about 3 weeks ago

  33. I have those vertical ridges, as did my dad. We both had/have psoriasis.

  34. Sulfur is what I have added to my diet. It has even made a big difference in my allergies

  35. Mine only came fron artifucial nails and not having them removed fine now.

  36. thus happened at the time of my tt! it was quite sad looking at them as I realised what trauma my body had been in! it was a milestone when they grew out.

  37. I been told it is due to people ageing what ever is true I could not tell

  38. Buy a nail buffer and forget they ever existed.

  39. I thought it was zinc deficiency x

  40. I noticed my vertical lines after I started on supplements. (Mag, b complex). Might be coincidental but I never had them before that.

  41. A physical stress on the body around the time of the indent growing

  42. Systemic fungal overgrowth.

  43. Too much liking stuff on Facebook?

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