Root causes of hashimoto’s autoimmune?


What are all the root causes of hashimoto autoimmune? Thank you

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  1. I’m glad that I know. I don’t feel so crazy when I have a \

  2. Vaccines (namely the fillers in them, mercury and what not, not the vaccine themselves), chemicals in your environment, furniture, food, clothing, etc.

  3. Mainly nutrient deficiency which results in gut peemeability

  4. Has anyone experienced more viruses and sickness with having Hashimotos? I was diagnosed ws in March of this year and seems I get hit with lots of things. Feel like I have to live in a bubble in fear of getting sick. Very depressing to deal with since I like to be on the go with helping volunteer, havin fun wirh grandkids etc

  5. I think mine was caused by EBV.

  6. I have rheumatoid arthritis….

  7. Mine was Lyme, babesia, bartonella, mycoplasma pneumoniae and chlamydia pneumoniae (tick bite)\nBut also had thyroiditis but when I contracted the Lyme and Co’s it turned it into hashimotos

  8. Diet and environment 70ish % genes and genetic expression 30 ish %

  9. I believe major ongoing stressors in life triggered it. Stress is number 1 killer of 80%.of illnesses.

  10. I would say genetics considering 4 out of 9 of us women in my immediate family have autoimmune diseases. But then, you have to take into consideration that we all ate the same foods, and lived in the same environment. So…good luck with trying to figure that out.

  11. I’ve got diabetes…rheumatoid arthritis….. thyroid disease ….. I’m just waiting to see what else I’ll come down with

  12. Genetics…my mom has hashi

  13. They feel mine was caused from being 3months premature. Had it since I was a kid not diagnosed till my teens. They attributed my poor heath to me being premature not hashis

  14. I have MTHFR gene mutations. Got EBV in college, but was Hashi symptomatic in HS. Think it’s triggered by inflammation

  15. 25% genetic. A whopping 75% environmental. 🙁

  16. No joke.

  17. Genetics

  18. For my family it’s genetic. Great aunt had goiter, grandmother had thyroid remove, my uncle and I have hashi.

  19. Mostly genetics of some form of auto immune or another.

  20. My root cause of my Hashis dx was MTHFR mutations. Once getting on the correct B12 and Folate for my mutation by DX is no longer Hashis.

  21. Mono/epstein barr/strep

  22. How do you get checked for the root cause?

  23. Bad luck in the genetic lottery. Nothing to stress about.

  24. I laugh, because GOOD FUCKING LUCK finding the root cause…just treat it and go on..I’ve spent thousand of dollars trying to find the cause…and now I just treat it and I’m fine.

  25. Mine was caused by a pituitary macro adenoma.

  26. What is EBV?

  27. Epstein Barr Virus is the underlying cause. I had chicken pox when I was a kid. Herpes on my lip. I had mono when I was young. My thyroid was thrown out during my 2nd pregnancy with an onset of Hashi’s. I have drawn the conclusion that between genetic set up, and EBV that this is what I am dealing with.

  28. Mine is from my auto immune problems, which my hashis is hereditary. My family has a loooong history of all kinds of auto immune diseases.

  29. I also had EBV as a teenager and was very ill.

  30. Oh yes I had ebsein bar ( mono) as a teen too

  31. You know the.chronic fatigue feels like the same fatigue I felt from the mono

  32. I had mono/EBV in college and it lasted a year. Never was the same after that.

  33. I have endometriosis, heart murmur and adrenal fatigue. My dr said the adrenal glands and the thyroid work together so both need to be healthy. Stress fried my adrenal glands. There are too many root causes that impossible to pinpoint one for everyone

  34. Gut issues, intolerances, inhibitors (soy fluoride? or anything affecting normal function or t4 to t3 conversion), illness, viruses, intolerances or whenever the body is self mechanism in defence, etc can cause flares in system. Everyone will respond differently and the same course of action and reaction will be different. Someone with dairy intolerances might be 100% fine with gluten vise visa. Some can’t have much of anything. I know one child that can’t have gluten egg nuts or dairy doing so could hospitalise him. He was the only one in family with any allergies. He was completely void of all reactive foods first two years where the 3 siblings were early to have in their diets. Elimmiating all reactive foods early in life due to new studies might just might be why allergic reactions are increased in children. It has been shown peanut allergies if patients receive small

  35. amounts peanuts as in only a pinhead or less to start and build up they tolerate it more and have less serve reactions. I think ellimation to find problems is good but science and bodies are much more complicated than once assumed

  36. For me, I attribute it to being under a tremendous amount of stress for several years before I started having symptoms. It took another year of doctor visits and seeing a therapist for severe depression before they finally tested my antibodies and I was diagnosed.

  37. My rheumy feels pretty certain that severe stress caused my immune system to go haywire, bringing rheumatoid disease and hashimoto’s along with it.

  38. Genetics, Stress, Pregnancy – my guess.

  39. I think root causes are different for each person. I never had mono so EBV is out of the question for me. I also don’t have a leaky gut. I did find out I have a dairy and wheat allergy . I had a dairy allergy when I was born. I limit my dairy and drink almond milk. I stay away from wheat. I have a hiatal hernia from weight gain over the years which causes my stomach issues. The only dormant virus in my body is Cat Scratch Fever. I don’t know if that affected my immune system.

  40. Currently have three doctors I see and each tells me something different. Severe leg pain with no specific cause, and keeps getting worse. I seem to be taking more pain mess than I am prescribed and without the pills I’m in severe pain and feverish, I am so tired of all of this!! Thyroid antibodies are over 1000. Also diagnosed with adrenal fatigue and candida.

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