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I’m really struggling losing weight ?? I have gained a lot. I do yoga and gym and just gain. My question is does anyone take anything RX or OC to help kick start weight loss? I know, no processed foods, more veggies and fruits. I can’t stand this extra 35 pounds. I refuse to drink my calories, I like to chew ?. So no weight loss drinks ?.

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  1. Give up sugar. That made a huge difference for me. Drink only water, tea coffee, nothing with calories. Make sure you eat enough to support you activity level too.

  2. I’m on whole30. I have lost 10 dress sizes since January 1. Me Jan 1.

  3. Try intermittent fasting. Stop eating at 2pm and don’t eat again until the next morning. Basically you are skipping dinner that is usually higher in calories and the worse time to eat since it is closer to bedtime. It is fantastic for gerd and digestion. It allows the stomach to heal if you are suffering from acid reflux.

  4. I can’t lose weight either 🙁 I’ve lost some but my weight fluctuates like crazy and my thyroid is fine

  5. For me the only diet that has worked was the starvation one. One steak or fish and salad or veggies for lunch and thats it. Nothing else except coffees with no sugar.

  6. I was in the same boat. Except I had no energy for the gym. I take Thrive. And have lost 12 lbs in 34 day but I’ve also gained some muscle mass.
    I started this for the health benefits and energy. The weight loss was a sweet bonus. My body has also started to heal and I got to throw out the 30+ vitamins and minerals I was taking. I haven’t felt this good in years.

  7. What about juicing?

  8. Totally am right there with you ? I have put on 20+ need to loose around 30. I just need that kick start to see improvement. No matter how healthy I eat it just won’t budge.

  9. Once I gave up eating anything labeled gf and started clean eating only I dropped 30 pounds.

  10. Have you had your thyroid checked out?

  11. Whole30

  12. It is difficult everyone’s system is different. I have switched what plates I use at meal time. I grab the smaller dinner plate over the big one, I also do not go back for seconds. If I find I am still feeling hungry I sip on some warm water (we call it minute water, you stick a mug of water in the microwave for one minute) the water will help you feel full and the warmth actually helps your stomach digest and break down foods. I would also have your thyroid checked and talk to your doctor about the lack of weight loss despite the healthy lifestyle changes.

  13. So gluten free makes u gain weight?????

  14. Try the keto diet, it is gf and low cal. I made the most amazing bread with almond flour. There are tons of great recipes on Pinterest. You can also try cla 1250, by nature wise, available on amazon, gluten free, no gmo, all natural amino acid. It helps to reduce body fat.

  15. Could be hormonal or your body is in an inflammatory response/stressed!

    May strongly benefit you to find a holistic provider or if that isn’t an option at least find a nutrition consult (with a student or school it will be greatly discounted).

    I had the same story and it has made a huge difference working with a holistic provider to address the root issues.

    Wishing you the best!

  16. How’s your thyroid?

  17. How’s you sleep? The body does a lot of repair and cleaning overnight and if you are not getting enough sleep it may also be holding onto weigh. A gal pal and I had a two week 8 hrs a night challenge and both lost weight without making other changes.

  18. That said, also consider an elimination diet. About 6mo after going GF I started bloating again and discovered soy and dairy have a similar GI inflammation reaction for me. Food intolerances have a tricky habit of multiplying.

  19. Eat lean protein with every meal. Eliminate sugar.. carbohydrates and dairy. Eat protein fruits and veggies. Drink water tea and coffee… walk for at least 1/2 hour daily inside or outside. You will lose the weight in about 3 months. Maintain that diet forever. After you lose the weight treat yourself to a dessert once a week. I only drink once a week… and I rarely eat out because of my stomach problems. You can do it.

  20. No junk. No sugar (turns straight to Fat), no boxed food, just pure FOOD like fruit, vegetables, fish, meat and 8 glasses water daily

  21. I’ve got a double whammy. Once I went gluten free, my body started absorbing nutrients so I gained weight. Which is fine since I looked like an extra from The Walking Dead before diagnosis. However, I’m also a diabetic. I’m taking a break from my insulin pump, and am back on shots. I’ve gained 20 lbs since that took place in September. Ive been trying to curb what I eat. I don’t eat a giant bag of crisps in one sitting or anything. I don’t like sweet stuff either, really. It’s annoying.

  22. Caloric deficit. You’re eating more than you’re burning.

  23. Everyone’s body is different! I’m a health coach! If you’d like you can pm me and we can go over some things!

  24. I eat 300 calories a meal, when im still hungry i go for cucumber.

  25. I can help if interested. I know of some great weight loss/health products that are gluten free. Feel free to PM me if interested. It’s been a great change for us. My daughter is sensitive to Gluten so I understand the struggle.

  26. Most people gain weight

  27. I lost some weight sticking to 10 grams of ‘added’ sugar daily, apart from that I had a banana (or half of it) daily (it’s supposed to help with the sugar cravings)

  28. I was ready to give up. I had tried everything and nothing worked. Two and a half years ago I decided to take a chance on an allnatural system and it forever changed my life. I have never ever felt better.
    I’m happy to add you to our support page where you can learn more. If it’s not for you you can leave.

  29. I eat more now than I ever did! Maintaining g my 50 pound weight loss two years and counting!

  30. Me too, I gained 40 pounds

  31. When I first went gf I lost weight. But then gained it back. Clean eating seems to help that is when I stick to it.

  32. I finally lost weight with hayliepomroy.com

  33. Stick to REAL food…. Good quality proteins and fruits and veggies. Stay away from processed foods.

  34. Weight watchers is the most effective

  35. Keto has been the only thing that has worked for me. When I went GF 3 years ago I started replacing with corn tortillas. I gained 20lbs over 2 years. It sucked. I’ve been doing keto, not even perfectly and I am down 13lbs.

  36. Hi, my name is Britannie. I recently made the decision to change my lifestyle and start eating differently bc my health was terrible and my weight was out of control. I started the LTL Live the Lifestyle Weight Management & Coaching Program and it has saved my life. I’m down 21 lbs and 32 inches. Feel better than I ever have. Msg me if you’re interested in more information.

  37. did our 30 day challenge and lost the weight … into day 60 and going strong!

  38. Same boat here. I have gained 35 lb since the fall.

  39. Feel free to PM me to be added to the group. It’s into day 60+ but you could start at day one.

  40. Count calories on an app like “lose it”. Avoid all sugar and carbs.

  41. I stick with clean eating and KetoDiet

  42. Keto diet is good for gf in the sense it’s no carbs and you can’t eat alot of them anyways. It’s really the foolproof diet

  43. Keto is only recommended by MDs as a short term option under medical supervision, depending on pre existing conditions according to research. Glad it’s working for many of you.

  44. Girl.. you and me both with this post

  45. Ignore all the expensive products. Avoid the processed GF products and stick with foods that are naturally GF. Like sweet potatoes, quinoa, etc. Eat lots of vegetables and lean meat.

  46. It’s hard saying goodbye to the stuff you like to try to get healthy but easier said than done we are trying to do veggies, meat and some cheese and I do allow myself the occasional stove popped popcorn cooked in coconut oil but when you really get tired of hurting from the extra weight being on you, you’ll do it, it’s hard and you’ll slip back but yourself a goal and keep your head up you can do this

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