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I’ve noticed that whenever I drink S.Pellegrino mineral water, I feel great for a while. It clears up the burning tongue sensation that I get from time to time and even helps when I’m having a MCS reaction to synthetic fragrance. I was reading a post about mag water and the need to use bicarbonate water and decided to take a look at the mineral content of S. Pellegrino water. Well, what do you know….check this out!
Country Italy
Source San Pellegrino Terme
Type Sparkling
pH 7.8
Calcium (Ca) 180
Chloride (Cl−) 57.5
Bicarbonate (HCO3) 238.0
Fluoride (Fl) 0.6
Lithium (Li) 0.2
Magnesium (Mg) 52.3
Nitrate (NO3) 2.2
Potassium (K) 2.8
Silica (SiO2) 7.5
Sodium (Na) 57
Strontium (Sr2) 3.2
Sulfates (SO) 459.0
TDS 960

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  1. this has fluoride in it.

  2. Do you suppose the carbon molecules trap the toxins the same way they do in an air purifier or an aquarium filter? This is so cool! (I have MCS too & have no first aid tricks so this is very valuable info!) But I wonder if any carbonated water would work the same or is this special stuff?

  3. It says so in the "Total Disolved Solids" list included on the original post. I don't have fluoridated water or use fluoridated products so I don't worry about taking in small amounts.

  4. Calcium fluoride is fine and naturally occurring, sodium fluoride is nasty crap extracted from industrial waste and is straight up poison. Sodium fluoride is what gets added to our water systems.

  5. Mineral water is a great source of minerals….I grew up in a region with mineral sources.

  6. Sheree Tompkins do you know what your burning tongue is from? How cool about this water!

  7. Wait so Stezza Stezza it is bad? I can't have sulfites or sulfur is that am issue then?

  8. The sulphur smell will go away if you leave the bottle open. I take water from the Upper Springs (Banff) and I leave it opened for awhile: no smell.

  9. Danyia, no I don't. The most info I can find on it is that it's most common in post menopausal women (which I am). Still researching and hoping to find a long term solution.

  10. Sheree gallbladder or liver issues ?

  11. ^^^^Ditto

  12. I've been leaning towards kidney/gallbladder or heavy metal toxicity. Waiting for the results of my HTMA to see if anything stands out there.

  13. Stella, How can I learn more about the mineral waters of Europe? Any info for us? Thanks!

  14. Allyson Makiej, Stella posted a link in the comments above.

  15. The acidic affect from the carbonation of this drink is probably lowering the pH of a blood stream that is tending too alkaline (most people in this day and age). This will immediately release more oxygen into the tissues and brain. Blood cells will hold on to oxygen more more as blood tends more alkaline. Its called the Bohr effect. Any carbonated water will do this and its a great trick for people who want a boost of energy and brain power 🙂

  16. No wonder it tastes so good!!

  17. Something to try: Lay down on your back and chill out for a couple of minutes. Put something on your tummy and ask someone to measure how many times in a minute you take a breath (in and out is 1). Make sure you don't know precisely when they are measuring otherwise your breathing will change. Any less than 13 breaths per minute and your blood is probably tending a little too alkaline and drinking some carbonate water can give you this boost 🙂

  18. I thought most people were on the acidic side rather than alkaline.

  19. Mark Hathaway, I've been drinking the Carbo water every day now

  20. Katherine Mac, I also find taking activated charcoal after I've been exposed to synthetic fragrance will lessen the severity of the reaction and shorten recovery time. Just have to be sure to drink a lot of water and don't take any supplements since the charcoal will deactvate anything you take.

  21. Because I do a green drink every day

  22. I just got back from Italy and ALL their bottled water lists the mineral content. Wish they did that more in the states!

  23. try water with quine..relaxing

  24. No Sheree, that is totally incorrect and driven by the alkalising bandwagon. I work with hundreds of people and do extensive body chemistry and metabolic testing. Only a very few tiny percentage actually have acidosis. The majority are too alkaline. The crazy thing about this Acid / alkaline thing is, its SO EASY to measure and find out for yourself. Why don't people do this!! Stop relying on the marketing bandwagon to tell you what is right and what is wrong. Once you start testing and measuring your health you will find that most of what you've been told about your health is complete rubbish. 🙂

  25. How can I found out myself if I'm acid or alkaline Mark Hathaway?

  26. Hi Dory. You will need to get some pH test paper and do a couple of other self-tests. Taking pH on its own is NOT enough. I have a number of articles on my private Facebook group that you are welcome to come along and join. I'm getting ready for a seminar I'm running on the weekend right now, but if you join my group, have a good look through my posts (You will find an enormous amount of valuable information here) and if you don't find what you are looking for, Ask the question in the group and I will get back to you with some specifics after the weekend. I also have a PDF that I would like you to read. Its in the files sections and called: "Unleash your health potential". I think you might find it interesting . Hope to see you over there soon 🙂 Here's the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/biosynergyhealth/

  27. Many Thanks Mark Hathaway!!

  28. I've tested my saliva with ph strips before. Its usually just bordering on alkaline whereas my husband is very acidic. I didn't know there was more to testing ph than that. Looking forward to learning more. Thanks for sharing, Mark Hathaway.

  29. pH of urine or saliva does not indicate whether you are acid or alkaline. It can tell you some other stuff but not acid/Alkaline. Only breath rate will confirm this. Less than 14 breaths per minute (resting) and your blood is tending alkaline regardless of what your urine or saliva pH reads. 17 and above indicates acidic tending blood 🙂

  30. I live in North Central Texas and a small town about an hour from me has deep wells in which they bottle the mineral that comes from them. They have 4 levels of water. It's called Crazy Water and as the story goes, there was a "crazy" lady in town and after she started drinking the well water, she was cured of her craziness. Many think it's because of all the natural minerals in the water. I love it. It has such a crisp clean taste. I have the 5 gallon bottles delivered to my home and my office. It's the only water I drink. I prefer the Crazy Water 3. Here is it's contents:
    Stronger than No. 2, No. 3 has a refreshing mineral taste, but can also be sipped throughout the day.
    Mineral Type (mg/l)
    Calcium 76
    Magnesium 33
    Potassium 2
    Bicarbonate (HCO3) 453
    T. Alkalinity (CaCO3) 371
    Sulfate 434
    Fluoride .4
    Sodium Chloride 43
    Manganese .16
    Zinc .39
    Silica 19.4
    Lithium .05
    pH 7.5
    Dissolved Solids 1369

  31. I love crazy water can't get it in Georgia

  32. Your welcome, I was excited when I found out I could get the 5 gallon jugs delivered to my home and office. I went and bought a water dispenser at Walmart. Now I have my Crazy Water all the time 🙂

  33. Well you message me that link please Shauna C Ward

  34. There are other bottled waters that are high in Magnesium and low in clacium, its antagonist. There is a list of brands in FILES.

  35. Cynthia Yates – just PM'd you. It'll go to you "other" folder.

  36. I can't find the list in files….I'm an idiot

  37. Dana Lynn there is an explanation in the comments regarding the fluoride. It is a natural fluoride not the kind used in city water. It does have a high amount of calcium to magnesium ratio so MJ Hamp has pointed out that there are other mineral waters listed in the files that are not so high in calcium.

  38. Noah's Water is one of them.

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