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So I might just be the dumbest person ever… but forgive me. So this am I pick up my Sam’s Choice water I got from Walmart to take a drink. I notice it says
Ingredients: purified water, magnesium sulfate, potassium bicarbonate, potassium chloride
Does this mean it has in it the things I need? I am wondering if I should change water. The water where I live is filthy and almost red…. you would be in shock. All I drink is water.

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  1. My Great Value from Walmart only has purified water, calcium chloride,sodium bicarbonate.

  2. This is Sam's Choice Purified drinking water. It comes in a 24 pack and each one is 20 oz. I got at walmart

  3. Great question – I stick w/Spring water & we have a local spring here … in my same zip code, but I still buy Ozarka … just wish any of it wasn't in plastic bottles or they would promise no BPA's ….

  4. Does the Berkey filter take out Flouride? Nikki Poole Johnson

  5. Mary, the Berkey has a separate filter for fluoride (see Have you looked in to natural spring water (not store bought), see for the spring nearest you. Some larger beer brewers also have taps in to natural spring water and a few make those available to the public (sometimes free, sometimes at a very low cost). My wife and I just got back today from picking up 22 gallons at a spring near us.

  6. "Purified water" is very vague. Technically it doesn't even mean it has been filtered. It only has to mean that it's been treated for bacteria and viruses probably with UV light. It may well be unfiltered municipal tapwater.

  7. Well what would be the best store bought water at this time for me to get?

  8. Spring water with a good reputation. Volvic has one of the best reputations, but you may not find it at walmart or Sam's. I drink Deer Park or Poland Springs on the occasion I need store bought water. although I'm pretty sure they're owned by Nestle now, who has a reputation for bad business practices.

  9. Kathie, other than fluoride, Berkey really is good. But if you're watching costs probably just a zerowater water pitcher. The FindASpring option above is also good if you have a spring near you, then you get all of the minerals, no chlorine, no fluoride. If you're worried about local contaminants you can run that through a ZeroWater filter (I'm not worried about it as our spring is tested by the city).

  10. Zerowater does remove all the contaminants, but it also removes the minerals,–that's how it's able to give a zero TDS reading– so you would want to add trace minerals back to your water.

  11. the "filtered" water from machines, is not good then?? I buy the blue BPA FREE gallon bottle and fill in a machine,,,,,,,,,,then transfer to glass bottles at home…. Culligan produces the blue BPA free bottles…

  12. The bpa from the bottle is toxic enough.

  13. you just need to know the source/brand, and then research it. I have no personal experience with that kind

  14. If I drink water with magnesium sulfate, I am in horrible pain. I avoid it at all costs!

  15. Magnesium sulfate is epsom salt, its used to induce loose stools and diarrhea (among other things). So, yes, you probably will get some gut pain if its concentrated enough. Also, some people have a very hard time absorbing most forms of oral magnesium and they end up with gut pain, bloating, etc.

    As far as BPA goes, look for jugs that are made from HDPE (high density polyethylene) see

  16. Nikki, I had a very bad night so not thinking the best today, but floride/arsenic filters mean that THAT is what it filters OUT? Sounds simple and silly, but yes, I'm asking that question. It was a very bad night.

  17. Valeria, yes, fluoride / arsenic filters are designed to filter out those contaminants. Are you having gut issues? Check out the protocol (and FB page)

  18. John Herron!!! That is too cool 🙂 thank you for the spring near you !

  19. I take magnesium supplements n I have zero gut issues

  20. John, yes, lots of gut issues, but I don't know which is which with M.S. MS alone seems to have lots of gut issues, and to include a mag difficency sounds like I might end up with the elephant sitting on my head again. I'll check out that protocol, but I'm trying to be cautions and not be looking for problems that are the wrong ones. I joined to help my guy who has FM and could benefit with less pain.

  21. Does anyone know if the Berkey will filter out chloromine? Not sure if that's spelled right. It's not chlorine but a nastier cousin that some municipalities are using. Cheaper but regular chlorine filters don't filter this out.

  22. Here is a reasonably priced filter that removes most fluoride

  23. Mary Pulles Cavanaugh – if you have a financial interest in that product, you must include that information in your post. Thanks.

  24. Have yall used the Berkey water system
    They are mostly out of stock…. for now think I am going to get the sport bottle to help some and a shower filter. It is awful taking a bath in this nasty water. I have a filter on ther but it does not help much.

  25. Does well water have all these issues also? Besides rust of course.

  26. Angelina Nicole Crandall sometimes you can find well water with a very high ORP (oxidation reduction potential)….very high in antioxidants.

  27. Angelina, if you've had the well water routinely tested for bacteria and contaminants its an excellent choice. No chlorine, probably no fluoride (if so its at least in the natural form), and probably a lot of minerals. They do have iron traps to help with the rust/iron issue.

  28. I have removed my post. I have been in the water ionizer industry since July 2011. Feel free to PM me if you would like to know more about the advanced technology that is now available in water ionizers. This is not available on the Internet yet. I am part of a very smal team rolling this out for a well established global youth enhancement company.

  29. Jonathan – I am having a Poland Springs right now and yes, they are now owned by Nestle. :/

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