Sea salt intake to body?


Is there an article or website floating around someone can point me to, in regards to how much sea salt intake(sodium) we should be getting every day?

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  1. I'm reading The Calcium Lie II by Robert Thompson. He says:

    "There is no need to restrict your sea salt intake unless you have had a hair tissue mineral analysis that specifically shows excess sodium in your cells, which is less than 10 percent of all results. "

  2. And then he talks about some cultures consuming up to 20gms per day of sea salt.

    "While I am not necessarily advocating this large amount of sea salt consumption, it is the basis for my recommendation that almost everyone needs 3 grams of essential balanced trace minerals per day."

  3. I copied this direct from Dr. Robert Thompson a while ago dicussing this topic on this site. "the sodium/potassium ratio is essential for the creation of membrane potential for every cell in our bodies. It is the basis for MRI studies. This electrical potential is actually what they are measuring. It also controls fluid (water) homeostasis everywhere in the body (inside and out of cells) and acid base status. Nearly 90% of the world has low sodium and significantly compromised membrane electrical potential. The energy for this potential comes from ATP which charges the 2nd and 4th carbon of the organic end of the protein molecules imbedded in cellular membranes and obviously requires Mag. This is called the Ling Hypothesis. I discuss it in the Calcium Lie 2 (S/PMEP, Kathleen Barnes though of that letter alphabet to shorten the phrase. i.e. Sodium/Potassium membrane electrical potential). It was new to me since the first book. There is no such thing as a sodium pump. Everything you see about that is incorrect. It is all electrical and secondarily magnetic, i.e. the basis for MRI technology which actually confirms all this stuff. Most specifically the Sodium/potassium ratio is normally about 2.4:1 with intracellular concentrations of sodium at about 22 being normal and potassium being 13. Only stress and excess adrenal output is most commonly associated with sodium excess (this is almost never a diet issue, it is a sodium retention issue and is nearly always associated with a low calcium and lower magnesium level) and this is less than 10% of all HTMA results. Chronic stress as I point out in Chapter 8, of the Calcium Lie 2, also leads to potassium retention. These patients have high sodium GERD, increased chances of HBP, and often have significant fluid retention. Amino acid deficiency diseases are less common in these patients, although type A personality is common and this creates other issues. HCTZ is helpful in correcting this if both sodium and potassium are elevated and treating the stress (walking 30 minutes every day). Certain medications used to treat hypertension are contraindicated if the HTMA confirms high potassium. This includes ACE inhibitors (lisinopril and all the "prils") and Angiotension 2 blockers (cozar and the like), both of which cause potassium retention. This is pointed out in my book lecture where is conclude 90% of all hypertension in the world is being treated incorrectly because of not knowing the total body sodium and potassium levels and the ratio. Great question! HCTZ should never be used if the intracellular potassium is low, no matter what. Spironolactone would be a better choice if potassium correction is needed and fluid retention is a problem."

  4. Awesome, thank you a bunch! I've been noticing personally… I've upped my Real Salt sea salt consumption from just a sprinkling on foods, to up to at least 2-3 teaspoons a day. I traditionally have chronically cold hands and feet/poor circulation(hands and feet are usually a purplish color when I even get remotely cold). Also, if I put pressure on say, the top of my hand, it leaves a white imprint there for at least 10 seconds when I'm very cold.
    I used to sweat frequently back in highschool(3 years ago now). Now I hardly sweat at all even when outside doing work or working out.
    Since I've upped my sea salt intake, I've been sweating a lot more and my hands/feet have gotten this awesome warming feeling and get flushed slightly read after a good dose of sea salt. Makes me feel all energized and just warm feeling.

  5. Wow, thank you for the responses guys. This community is outstanding.

  6. Seems like everyone here cares about eachother's health and well-being.

  7. Spronolactone is not a cure all. I tried it for Hi BP recently and had to stop pdq as my EGFR [Kidney clearance ]dropped like a stone. Mineral balance in general is ultra important and messed up by years of harsh Allopathic meds imo.

  8. Hiya Chris Boyce – Happy Holidays to you! Would you please make that great explanation of Na/K by Dr. Thompson into a PDF and upload into FIles. Thanks.

  9. Happy Holidays to you as well MJ Hamp.

  10. This is a good article about how much unrefined sea salt to consume in relation to how much water to drink. Definitely more salt than you would think or have been told all your life!

  11. HCTZ (hydrochlorothiazide) is a thiazide diuretic (water pill) that helps prevent your body from absorbing too much salt, which can cause fluid retention.

  12. This is what my HTMA showed also. Dr. Thompson give me an RX for HCTZ and I must say I did not take it for long. Not a fan of RX meds and goes against everything I have learned here. I go ahead and use sea salt but I don't overdue it. Looking forward to my next HTMA to see improvements.

  13. What these diuretics really do is reduce blood volume to stop the pressure build up from the heart action. End effect for me after many years was very pianful Gout- which was denied, natch. It's listed on the drug sheet Ha! They also reduce electrolytes esp. Mg so all in all I see whyI'm still suffering under NHS illness management and creation process. I now really do have to take a lifetime med for Gout which will no doubt stress my liver, eventually. Cheers Pharma et al…

  14. I do not use the adrenal cocktail per say. I do take whole food vit C and I use Elete water additive in my water and a low sodium trace mineral.

  15. Tanya Corra Kehoe Thanks for comisseration but I have a grip on the Gout. Did have one attack [mod] a week or two back- still on diuretics which I stopped back to 1/2 dose. I do take low amount of Him.salt in Cocnut water but have noticed mild fluid retention but as my Na and K are both low alomg with Mg I feel it worth pressing on a while. Def feeling stronger and sleepinng slightly better. 🙂 My plan is to balance electrolytes better and then focus on adrenals and thyroid- bith struggling a long while. I really value this site for Morley's extra in depth awareness of where the system has failed people who have a good healthy approach to life/diet but have been badly served in many ways by the health industry.

  16. Yes, we're on a similar track. I have a rare blood group O Rh'' Positive donor, negative recipient. I suspect this has a methylation slant to it as D antigens are involved in both issues. I doubt my NHS will ever even address this -rather give endless meds to track me through. Ugh – indeed!! I will do more tests for sure. At the moment just getting my mojo back intact 😉

  17. So just for some clarification. I know this group is pretty adamant about only getting calcium from foods. I've seen a few people discuss the same about zinc and potassium as well.( foods only if you can help it). Just more or less stick to supping maggie and b6/boron/bicarbonate as well as a sodium/trace mineral source. Is this fairly accurate?

  18. I like a B-complex. A whole food C should also be on the short list.

  19. Any recommendations for a good natural b complex? Or is there a page i should look at for that?
    I do take a good whole food vitamin C as wel . Pure synergy, Pure Radiance Vitamin C powder. Just because i dont like the sugar crash i get sometimes tryinf to get vit c from fruits and too much fiber from veggies binds my stomach up… its a mess lo . Tug-o-war! Open to other vitamin c suggestions as well? But pure synergy seems to have the best quality, bang for your buck vit c in my opinion!

  20. It appears Pure Synergy also makes a pretty nice B-complex vitamin as well!

  21. I have used both Thorne stress B-complex and now Swanson's High Potency Activated B-Complex High Bioavailability – depending on the sales. I use a Alive whole C supplement as well as try to get something fresh every day, even if it's just 1/2 lemon in my water. Probiotics should also be on that list.

  22. I like Grown by Nature and Mega Foods. I'm currently taking Balanced B and Ultra C from Mega Foods.

  23. Sweet, thanks, both of you!
    Ya I'm currently taking BIo-Kult probiotics. Recommended on the GAPS diet, though I'm not following the protocol. Too strict 😛

  24. Trevor, have you ever heard of taking unsweetened Tart Cherry juice for gout? I know it works. My husband's co-worker had really terrible gout with deformed fingers/hands and feet..and his hands and feet went back to normal after using the tart cherry juice. I have also read articles about it before. I think I remember reading that you would want to drink an ounce of the tart cherry juice three or four times a day for gout. I know you can also buy it in capsules, which might contain less sugar to take it that way, but I don't know if the capsules are as effective.

  25. Yes,Valerie Engh I have and did try many natural cures for some time without success. In the end I had such bad attacks had to take meds and settled on Adenuric [a new one] after getting lesions on Allopurinol. I did fairly well on another drug Sulfinpyrozone for years till it was ceased production for unstated reasons.[Not ineffective, nor badly reported either!] Pharma again… If you can get by on non meds that's fine- but it hard to do forever as gout is autoimmune and genetic,usually worsening with age. Fructose is indeed not a good mix with gout- the best thing I found was Black Bean broth, using a recipe on line. The beans do vary though- so do some research and trail for the most efffective -if you fancy this route.

  26. So I'm at about.. a little bit above two teaspoons of Real Salt Sea Salt a day. I noticed it almost completely got rid of my chronic cold hands and feet. I can actually FEEL the blood pulse through my body now. However, it flushes my hands and feet red. (when they are chronically cold they are pale white/purple.) I've also been feeling very warm and sweating more frequently since the addition of salt. Back in highschool I used to sweat FREQUENTLY. The past 2 years(since I've been noticing a lot of odd things going on iwth my body and health), I nearly never sweat unless I get an intense workout. Any correlations? AM I getting too much salt? 😛

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