SFH brand so3+d3 fish oil?


I know this question has been asked, but I’m out and not able to do a thorough search. Sfh brand so3+d3 fish oil? Okay to take with jigsaw mag? I am vit d deficient per bloodwork…

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  1. Morley recommends Nordic Naturals Cod Liver Oil without vitamin D added. I'm sure others will chime in with more specific info as to why.

  2. Pretty sure the Nordic Naturals has naturally occurring Vitamin D in it.

  3. What bloodwork have you had? We recommend more complete testing than many doctors use, and these tests sometimes show that people don't need extra D even if their doctors thought they did based on a single test.

  4. Standard bloodwork with my normal thyroid panel. I have an appt in January with a new dr who will run more specific labs.

  5. you cannot discuss D w/o having the 4 'D' tests done

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