She said I have multibodular gloiter


Feeling defeated and emotional. First time with an endocrinologist and waiting for biopsy results. She said I have hashimotos and almost subclinical hypothyroidism. According to her I am too young and my aches and fatigue have nothing to do with it and is likely caused by fibromyliga for which I need to see someone else. No treatment or medications until I reach hypo level. When I asked her what can be done to prevent that she said nothing I just need to get tested and then I will be put on meds. I have no insurance and this has cost me over $3000 in amonth and now I am told the is no treatment. Without looking at my ultrasound images she said I have multibodular gloiter. That’s all she said.

Ahe gave me no suggestions, recommendations or any info.

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  1. Too young for what? And what do they consider “almost subclinical hypothyroidism”? Do you have the results of your last blood test? TSH, free T3 and free T4? If you are having obvious hypo symptoms they should be putting you on medication now.

  2. Too young for thyroid issues. My TSH is 4.2 on a scale of 0.450 -4.5. T3 is 213 on scale of 71-180. TPO is 91 on scale of 0-34. She sees no problems with it and said I can only get teatnent once I get to hypo level. And if biopsy ones back cancerous then surgery.

  3. I was diagnosed when I was 8 years old. No one is too young for thyroid issues.

  4. Your TSH is much too high. T3 is probably above the range because your body is compensating and turning available T4 into T3 to keep basic metabolic processes going.

  5. My daughter was diagnosed as a teenager. \nYour TSH is higher than mine was and I was feeling terrible. I’m now on 75mcg levo. I started on 25mcg. Sounds like you need meds.

  6. Do yo have a GP that you can talk to?

  7. I am absolutely frustrated. She said it was normal and can’t be treated and I should get a new blood test done and go back in six weeks to see if it has gone up more. Pain is unrelated according to her. I will reach out to my gp once I get my biopsy results and I’ll try to see another specialist next month

  8. I’m so sorry. I would ask the GP to start on thyroid meds and retest blood work.

  9. Go see a Functional medicine doctor! They treat you based on how you feel. Not based on your lab numbers!

  10. A good endo will treat you based on symptoms

  11. Besides the thyroid panel they should check your vitamin panel as well – How is your Vitamin D, B and Iron/ferritin

  12. You need to take those records to another doctor! What the heck?! I can’t believe she gave you NOTHING. I’m soooo sorry. I’m in the middle of a flair right now and trying to get my levels back to normal. Even a regular GP or even a FNP will give you meds if your levels are off and fatigue and muscle aches ABSOLUTELY can be related! Don’t give up. I know the $ sucks but try to find a place that will take payments. Hang in there,

  13. Welcome to the world of dealing with endocrinologists. They are so far behind on this issue. The fatigue and achiness can and do come from this. Mine told me I was just lazy, needed to lose weight, and sent me to a dietician.

  14. It took me 10 years to get diagnosed. They wouldn’t help me until I got so bad they had to remove half my thyroid.

  15. That’s so backwards, I would see another doctor. To wait until you’re completely hypo is stupid and lacks logic. Also I was diagnosed at 18, so no, you’re not too young. I would get on medication immediately and get your T4 T3 reverse T3 and vitimans checks. Also your aching is from your hashimotos, not fibromyalgia.

  16. Kratom, green Maeng da…put it in capsules…saved my life at a fraction of medical costs..

  17. Get on the vitamins we all seem to lack , go gluten free, your thyroid can heal

  18. Follow an aip diet now. You are lucky you can still heal your thyroid. Doing that much can mean the world of difference in how you feel. It may help you avoid needing those meds for the rest of your life.

  19. Eat healthier no gluten no soy no dairy eat fermented foods like pickles and such stay away from sugars this helps alot

  20. I feel like fibromyalgia is what doctors use when they don’t know what else to do. My mom was diagnosed with it for 10 years, come to find out she had an even rarer disease that took them all this time to diagnose, because it usually only hits in your 70’s. She actually got it in her 60’s

  21. You should Probably start on the AIP diet. No Dairy, no grains, gluten, soy, or caffeine. It’s a pretty restrictive diet but it really works

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